The Identity Of The Person Alberto Del Rio Got Fired For Slapping & More Details Revealed

The name of Alberto Del Rio remains a hot topic after the four-time world champion was released from his WWE contract on Thursday.

Shortly after WWE announced that Del Rio was let go “due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee,” Ring of Honor founder and RF Video owner Rob Feinstein claimed that Del Rio slapped a member of WWE’s social media team at a television taping this week. This claim was backed up by both and PWInsider. To add a new layer to the story, the identity of the person Del Rio had the backstage altercation with has apparently been revealed.

As members of the F4WOnline message board were discussing Del Rio’s termination and speculating which WWE employee was on the receiving end of his slap, Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer remarked “Cody Barbierri.”

On LinkedIn and Twitter, Barbierri identities himself as WWE’s manager of social media live events. Though not identified by name, F4WOnline’s updated story on Del Rio’s termination says the altercation involved the social media manager of WWE.

According to the new report, a WWE social media manager was apparently asked to clean his plate following a meal in catering. With what could potentially be a racist/xenophobic implication, the employee allegedly joked that it was Del Rio’s job to clean the plate.

The comment supposedly got back to Del Rio, who confronted the employee. Dissatisfied with that interaction, which some say did not include an apology to Del Rio, the wrestler allegedly delivered a slap.

As reported, WWE posted the following on Twitter about the incident: “@VivaDelRio is responsible for his own actions. If you’re angry at anyone, be angry at Alberto. There’s no excuse for a pro athlete not to conduct themselves in a professional manner.”

Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE’s Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events and Creative, re-Tweeted the comment in its entirety.

According to F4WOnline, Del Rio is believed to be subject to a 90-day no-compete clause, which would prevent him from immediately joining TNA and AAA. Both organizations are reportedly interested in his services.

  • Yusei Asakura

    Hold on a minute okay so Del Rio probably handled it a bit wrong ..but If it was intended as a racist remark or any form of insult towards Del Rio .how does it make this Social Media Prick in the right?
    Kinda tempted to go on Trips Twatter account and ask Hey is your social media manager kid banging your kid? I knew immortality ran throughout the company but I didn’t know it included social media managers

    • pancho

      So, because you don’t know the full story or anything about the social media person being punished yet, you are going to assume they are banging Trips’s kid? Makes perfect sense to me.

      • Yusei Asakura

        And apparently you …only saw banging your kid? Dear god Trips Kid isn’t even old enough ..She’s only 8. I’m also going to assume you’ve never heard of immunity or people who think and get treated like they’re above the rules in WWE?

        Must be a Cena fan

        • Patrick Steele

          Don’t blame him. You are the one that brought an 8 year old getting fucked by an adult into the conversation.

          • Yusei Asakura

            Hey is your social media manager kid banging your kid? Exactly what I said Broham said nothing about an adult

          • Luke

            So you’re picturing two kids banging each other as part of your arguement? Sure, that’s healthy…

          • Yusei Asakura

            And you 3 are saying It’s okay to assume what this guy said wasn’t an insult/shoot towards was healthy? but We can’t make shoots at immunity within the company? Point being apparently this Manager has some type of Immunity within the company if he’s allowed to 1. stay within the company 2. Post on the OFFICAL WWE twatter Account about the problem and encourage fans to be angry at Del Rio? Oh but my remark about trips kid is soo evil.

          • Luke

            Literally none of us are saying that what the media manager did was right. It’s possible to be annoyed by more than one thing at a time. The social media guy being racist toward Del Rio was and is very wrong. The idea of you trolling Triple H and talking about his kids having sex with other kids is also wrong. Would you think it ok to say to the guy’s face? Hopefully not. Hopefully you’re decent enough a human being that’s spent enough time in society that you know tht would be an extremely rude and inappropriate thing to say. Not to mention the fact that Triple H might do worse than slap you. If you think asking ANYONE “hey is your kid getting banged by that kid” is appropriate then there is something really wrong with you on a basic psychiatric level.

          • pancho

            Do you know for certain that the person that made the “angry at Del Rio” comment was the same person that was slapped? Do you know for certain that the person that was slapped was NOT punished? He could have been fined a million dollars and you wouldn’t know. Del Rio was apparently already on thin ice so I assume he had other issues. Maybe the guy that Del Rio slapped has a great track record. This was not an outwardly racist comment. It’s not like he called Del Rio a wetback etc. It is a lot harder to fire people these days than you think especially in big business. But, I would not expect you to understand that side of a business. I mean, I get you don’t like Triple H, but I just don’t see what you have against him here especially since we all know so little.

          • Yusei Asakura

            Oh and It’s is there
            SOOOOOOOOO Jokes on who now?

        • pancho

          I don’t give a shit about your dumb “banging his kid” joke nor am I a Cena fan. I just think you are jumping the gun on Triple H. That’s all I am saying, dick.

  • Darren

    Did the guy who said the racist thing get punished? Assaulting someone is a fireable offense, so I have no issue with Del Rio’s termination, but if the guy who made the racist remark isn’t also punished WWE looks worse than Del Rio imo.

  • Olly

    Racial discrimination is an equal offence to that of violence. Ridiculous decision.

    • GavinNapier

      I’m not sure there’s a court on earth where the penalty for words is the same as slapping someone unprovoked.

    • pancho

      I don’t see the comment mentioned in the above article as being racist at all tbh. And EVEN in a racial context, it is a funny comment. People need to learn to laugh at themselves and to chill the fuck out.

      • Patrick Steele

        While I agree that I don’t find it racist, mainly because I don’t get the context that it was used. I don’t agree about the comment in question being funny.

        • Luke

          It’s racist because the employee implied that Del Rio should be washing dishes because he’s a Mexican. It’s easy to tell someone to “chill the fuck out” but a pretty stupid thing to say when mine of us know what kind of crap Del Rio has had to put up with in the past. However, slapping the employee was a stupid thing to do. Reporting the employee would have been smarter.

          Also, suggesting that a violent act is the same as a racist act is just stupid. Physically assaulting someone is much worse than what is basically just a
          Verbal insult.

      • lol

        if rio had said all white guys were cuckold they wouldn’t be just laughing at a stereotype

      • Surprise_Clowns

        It’s racist, and it’s not funny. It’s the most basic form of boring, dehumanizing humor. Don’t remind us that the general fan base of wrestling fans are this dumb.

      • JJ♛ #MyLipGlossisPoppin

        I remember reading a comment on YouTube about this, and I figured I’d share:

        “Last year my boss did the whole pointing to a painting of a black girl and said it looked like me (it looked NOTHING like me whatsoever and it didn’t even have a nose). When I said in response “yeah we all look the same huh” you should have seen how still and uncomfortable the other white colleagues around me got! Then one or two pulled me aside and said that he didn’t mean it and that there is no need for me to get offended and make an issue :/ I responded that I was not making an issue out of anything. If he is comfortable enough to make the joke then he should be prepared for the response. If it was just a joke then why not see my response as part of it. If he was uncomfortable about my response then maybe he was also uncomfortable about what he said in the first place and that’s not my problem.”

        Not only that, but what “lol” just said earlier.

  • Deen

    they would not fire had the likes of john cena or randy orton did the same thing

  • Mark Bassett (MarkyB)

    CM Punk punches the shit out of a fan, but Del Rio hits an employee and gets fired……

  • Tyrone Dudley

    If this is true, and I have my doubts because Meltzer’s inside scoops usually suck, then WWE needs to be making one more termination. It’s one thing to say something off hand as a heel performer, it’s another to just be blatantly racist.

    • pancho

      THe comment above is NOT blatantly racist.

  • arlowoodenhead

    So slapping someone is not professional behavior for a WWE superstar? I may not look it, but I’m just a little surprised.


    Oh the publicity they will get for this, that guy needed a punch instead.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    So what happened to the guy who made the racist remarks?

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    This has to be a work, the legal system in the WWE is laughable

  • ngorcuk

    then CM Punk, now Del Rio

    Triple HHH is slowly destroying WWE business

    • JJ♛ #MyLipGlossisPoppin

      ……………….and how exactly do these compare?

      Highly popular CM Punk quit because he wasn’t pushed high enough. Del Rio was fired, allegedly for reacting to a xenophobic comment.

  • cj

    I see more coming from this. If Del Rio wanted he could get a media frenzy started with this. No matter how you dress it, it still will be Del Rio reacting to a racist remark & I’m sure people will side with him on the matter. Hell i do.

  • frank

    I thought slapping people is what these things do for a living…its a shame the wetback can’t take a joke

  • JJ♛ #MyLipGlossisPoppin

    That slap must have been from Del Rio’s gut. Like he was waiting for that opportunity to leave WWE, and found it. A shame, since he was very unappreciated as a wrestler.

  • jbones

    Alberto did what a real man would do. The social media guy is a racist and a loudmouth. I even heard an account that he smirked when Del Rio confronted him, so Alberto slapped the piss out of him. A hundred years ago, men would knock each other in the teeth if they felt disrespected. Nowadays, our generation is pussified, hiding behind lawyers and company HR reps. Del Rio may have lost a job, but he has his dignity intact. Good for him.

  • rudy

    The media guy should have been fired as well! Another case of ridiculous politics in wwe

  • Sandman

    what happened to the be a star campaign i want to here del rio’s version of events to know what actually happened