The Justin Credible Report – 8 Months Clean, WWE’s Current Storylines, TNA’s Issues & More

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Justin Credible report exclusively on! I had a busy, and exciting week.

First I wrestled long-time rival Tommy Dreamer. For a brief moment in time, it felt like 1999 all over again. Even though we are a little older than we were, back then. We still had an awesome match that every fan in attendance will remember for some time to come.

I’m also pleased to announce that Tommy Dreamer debuted today on Pro Wrestling 101. Dreamer done a special episode on “making it” in today’s wrestling business, you can watch it below. Awesome episode. Thank You Tommy!!!

I also wrestled for RWE in South Windsor, CT, for the first time, Friday night. I was completely blown away by the presentation of the product, and the action was top notch at any level. The guys worked hard from top to bottom, and I really believe that RWE is something special. If you live in the New England area, do yourself a favor, and catch a RWE show. You won’t be disappointed. I’m going to switch gears for a minute, and touch on my recovery.

Last week July 19th, marks 8 months clean & sober. It has been a hell of a journey, but to be perfectly honest I never felt better than I have now. Combined with DDP Yoga, I’m mentally, and physically as strong as I’ve ever been, and ready to make a return to wrestling on a fulltime basis. The time to strike is near.

Once again I really enjoyed Monday night Raw, this week. I feel like they are really on a roll as of late with their storylines. It’s a shame Chris Jericho is leaving to go on tour with Fozzy. His match with RVD was fun to watch. His presence on Raw will be missed by this viewer. CM Punk, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar triangle continues to steal the show. I can’t wait to see this match. I’m also curious to see how they work the obvious size difference. Punk is one of the most talented performers in the business today, but Brock looks so damn big, It looks like he can just swallow him whole. Punk will have to keep his distance in the ring, and strike frequently, and precisely to have a chance at making a compelling match. Which I know he is more than capable of doing. Also super stoked for Daniel Bryan vs John Cena. Bryan is the breakout star of the year. I remember him when I went to wrestle for HBK and his TWA promotion. He was training at Shawn’s school. He had it then, and he has final risen to the upper echelon, of our business.

Now that Bruce Prichard and D’lo Brown have been let go, I’m curious to see in which direction TNA will go in, as far as front office hiring’s. Lots of rumors that TNA are in financial trouble. I certainly don’t think they are having cash flow problems, but I do think they are sick and tired of losing money.

TNA also had a big problem with the athletic commission in Missouri. Several top guys couldn’t wrestle, due to licensing issues. TNA should really handle these things. If they are trying to compete with WWE, they need to stop having these hiccups. Makes them look busch league.

Bully Ray aka Mark Lamonaco used to handle promotions in ECW, he took care of all this kind of stuff, and he did a tremendous job. If one man could do it for a promotion like ECW, TNA needs to step up, or have guys like Bully Ray who have that knowledge to step into an office position, and help the cause. TNA too many chiefs, not enough Indians.

Here is Tommy Dreamer’s debut on Pro Wrestling 101 below:

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  • Mike Arienti

    Love this. Your insights are the ones those on the outside need to pay attention to. Just a note that Bruce Pritchard was the guy in charge of licensing issues and had been let go before the show in MO, so nobody was there to handle the job.

  • Alex Mclean

    Dude you became sober on my birthday :D not lying

  • Ruzard

    Great to read your thoughts and very glad to see you are doing well.

  • Doc75

    a lot of people who have seen the clip on youtube have had their answerz. but i hope to find out one day did Justin Credible really connect with that side kick to Lizzie Borden during hiz time in XPW? or did it just sound n look really good?