The Justin Credible Report – Daniel Bryan & CM Punk, WWE Raw Thoughts, Matt Striker Incident

Hello everybody. Welcome to The Justin Credible Report exclusively on Last night was the “go home” Raw before HIAC PPV. I must say that it was an ok show, from an entertainment aspect. The in ring action was good, I just feel like I’m watching the same show every week. Maybe I’m being a bit hard, but only the last segment of the show made me want to buy the PPV. I guess that’s enough, but I hope that the fans stuck around to see the last segment. The only thing that may have helped them last night was that pitiful Monday Night Football game with NY Giants against the Minnesota Vikings.

Let’s go over it, as I want to talk about a couple of different things today.

The show started like all of the recent Raw episodes with HHH & Stephanie coming to ringside for their usual stuff. HHH made a point to say he trust HBK, and that he respects HBK more than anyone else in the WWE. Show than pops up on the Tron, and talks about suing HHH for the millions he is still owed on his contract. I would love to know how Show did that, being that he’s fired, but at least it was acknowledged by Stephanie. Long story short it led to a match between Daniel Bryan vs Dean Ambrose. Very good stuff in this match. These 2 men brought their A game. I especially liked that it went much longer than the usual Raw TV matches. Bryan is really doing a great job reminding all of us that he’s one of the best around, and that he belongs in that main event spot.

Another great promo from CM Punk setting up his HIAC handicap match with Heyman & Ryback. Lots of the same stuff here. We sometimes take Punk for granted, because he is always spot on with his promos. I guess for this viewer I’m waiting for Punk to move on. Still good stuff, none the less.

Another match I really enjoyed was Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler. It was a good way to keep focus on Orton and Bryan at HIAC, while giving us a good TV match. I just wish that WWE would give Ziggler a push. He has been beaten so much lately that it could be hard to come back from. I’m not sure what is going on there, but Dolph Ziggler is money.

I like the tone Paul Heyman is taking with his promos going into HIAC. He seems genuinely concerned about the match. It’s really hard in this day and age to be as convincing as Heyman is on a regular basis.

They had Goldust and Cody Rhodes in on commentary during The Shields match last night. I really wish they would have done something a little different. I think after winning the titles the Rhodes boys were hot as hell. Putting them on commentary doesn’t do them much service. I thought that it did them a disservice, because neither is very good commentating. Actually it’s a really hard thing to do well. I would have liked to see them in a hot angle, perhaps something backstage, but I can’t win them all.

The infamous contract signing. Has there ever been a contact signing in Pro Wrestling that’s ever gone off without a hitch. Of course not. After HHH & Steph got Bryan, Orton, and HBK in the ring, they proceeded to sign the contracts. Bryan basically said if it wasn’t for the Authority, and HHH he would be WWE champ. HHH said Bryan is like Edge, RVD, and Jericho. All have talent, but all come and go. Long story short Big Show drove a truck into the arena. Lots to take in. I guess we well find out Sunday.

I want to change gears a bit, and talk about an incident that occurred Saturday at NYWC with Matt Striker. The reason I’m bringing it up is simply because I don’t want it to be misrepresented in the media. During an after match attack by Striker, he slammed me in the face with a chair. I got busted open bad. When we got back stage he was being his smart mouthed self. Words were exchanged, and it got broken up. All I can say to Matt Striker is, “did you forget that you have to get in the ring with me again next month”. Case closed. I think that says it all.

Don’t forget to watch this weeks Pro Wrestling 101. It’s a good one that has stirred up some good dialogue.

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