The Justin Credible Report – Daniel Bryan’s WWE Title, Rhodes Family Storyline, Raw & More

Welcome to this week’s Justin Credible Report exclusively on! Lots of news to discuss, so let’s get to it. I have one question I would like to ask the fans, did you really think Daniel Bryan was going to be allowed to keep the WWE title, after NOC PPV? I was crossing my fingers that the WWE wasn’t going to go in the direction they did. It was predictable, and felt desperate.

WWE is putting out a solid product, don’t get me wrong, but I feel that they are going in a mundane direction. I’ve seen this movie before with Steve Austin. I think they pulled the trigger too soon, and I’m wondering how much patience the fans will have, waiting until Daniel Bryan, finally conquers the evil WWE machine.

It was good to see the American Dream Dusty Rhodes on Raw. I dig the storyline with the Rhodes clan. I just don’t like the way WWE is portraying the common wrestler. It’s like the world as we know it will end, if you are to lose your job with the company. Even the announcers are joining in, saying that Cody Rhodes better use his cell phone while his service is still on.

Don’t get me wrong. It sucks to get fired by WWE. I know, because it’s happened to me, but it’s not the end of life. The WWE makes it like we are just stupid wrestlers that can’t make it on our own. That there is no other place to wrestle. Last time I checked TNA is still in business, and Japan, Mexico, and ROH are running tons of shows. Not mentioning that there are hundreds of Indy wrestling shows all over the U.S., in any given month. There is wrestling besides WWE. I just hate that they weaken their talent by making them grovel for their jobs. Just my opinion.

Moving on, I just returned from Mexico City, and it was amazing. It was the 3rd anniversary show for IWL. I was there representing IWE wrestling, in Maine, as their heavyweight champion. I was in a 4 corners match with me vs. Dr Wagner vs. La Parka vs. Canek for the IWL title. Over 5000 fans in attendance and the press were crazy. I love the pageantry and the way the media treat wrestlers. I did several interviews with major TV networks. It was an awesome experience. I wish Pro Wrestling was treated with this kind of respect here in the U.S.

The culture in Lucha in Mexico is so cool. Dr Wagner is a legendary performer, that has wrestled Andre, and Hulk Hogan, and the whole time I never saw his face. These old school luchadors never take of their masks. It was surreal to witness. I thank IWL, and the Mexican fans for giving me an experience that I will never forget. By the way the match was sick!!! I can’t wait to go back.

This week’s NXT main event with Leo Kruger vs. Xavier Woods was really good. NXT is quickly becoming my favorite weekly wrestling show. Leo Kruger is a hell of a talent, and I see him moving up sooner rather than later. I also like that NXT is 1hr and the matches are longer. Raw is good, but 3hrs is way too much wrestling, for me. Not to mention all of the filler stuff they put in. It wouldn’t be so bad if they would just use the underneath guys vs underneath guys with their own storylines. That way throw away matches would, at least, be interesting. I guess it’s too much to ask of the writers.

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  • Rick Yuhnke

    Justin, you are credible. Your call on the WWE is dead on and this is where I too have a problem. They believe we are all so dumb and will take what they offer. Well, I know the pro wrestling existed way before them and will after them. I just wish they respected wrestling fans and other wrestlers out there. Thanks, great article

  • Robb Maynard

    Definitely agree that Raw could use more low-card to mid-card talent hook up. These matches usually make it on Main Event, and are very good. Guys like Barrett and McIntyre are doing almost nothing, while Raw is basically filled with three storylines: Bryan/Orton, Rhodes, and Punk/Heyman. Sometimes ADR gets some time, but very little. And of course they plug Total Divas. And thats the episode. If only Raw followed the format NXT does, its weird that the developmental branch seems to be so far ahead of the flagship.

  • Albert T

    I think they should just put the title on Bryan and leave it there. People asked for refunds because of the fact that he was stripped of the belt (along with what many felt was an atrocious PPV the night before). It sounds to me like they should just embrace him as their champion, no matter how much they don’t want to.