The Justin Credible Report – Edge & Goldust’s WWE Returns, Paul Heyman, TNA Issues, More

Hey guys, welcome back to The Justin Credible Report exclusively on Lots of news, and happenings in the world of pro wrestling so lets jump right in. I wasn’t crazy about the Monday Night Raw broadcast. I missed out on watching a hell of a football game featuring the Eagles, and the Redskins. Oh well that’s life. The HHH power trip storyline continues, and Big Show this time around didn’t comply to HHH demands. This time around Orton was yelling at Show that HHH is the boss, then Daniel Bryan nailed Randy with a knee. Knocking him out, and standing tall against the Corporation 2013. I don’t like that HHH, and Steph are getting all the heat. This makes me feel that they don’t fully trust Orton vs Bryan alone would be enough to sell the PPV.

Great to see Edge back in front of his hometown fans. Toronto has always been a traditional wrestling city, and last night the proved it. I liked the way they opened the show. I just wish they would stop with the insider jabs. It’s confusing to regular fans. I thought we as viewers were suppose to suspend our disbelief, and enjoy the story. It’s really hard to do that when your always reminding us what’s “good for business”, and people that “don’t draw a dime. Just tell the story.

I enjoyed the Paul Heyman injury angle. It goes back to the old school days. To see Heyman run like that was hilarious. I miss managers like that. It’s real basic stuff, but sometimes when it’s done right it really works.

I was happy to see my friend Goldust return to Raw last night. Randy Orton vs Goldust was better than I had expected. Dustin did a great job, and I’m happy that he got this chance. He certainly deserves it.

I want to spend a little time talking about a conversation I had with Wade Keller on PWTorch live cast. We spoke in length about what needs to be done in TNA.

We both agreed that If TNA just did away with all of the bells and whistles, and just focused on the wrestling it would make a huge difference. Take away all the trons, and pyro. Put a spotlight on the wrestlers themselves. Treat it like a true contest. For TNA to succed it needs to brand itself different than WWE. Do ringside interviews etc. TNA well never out WWE, the WWE, so stop trying. Present TNA more like MMA. The talent there is amazing. Let them tell the story in the ring. Check out the full conversation. Very interesting stuff.

Last weekend was cool for me. I had became the IWE Maine champion. Thanks to all of the great fans. The response from the fans and the boys meant a lot to me. I feels amazing to have gained trust back from promoters and the fans. I won’t let you down again. I’m also doing something that hasn’t been done in a while. I’m bringing the IWE title to IWL in Mexico, this Saturday, to represent indy wrestling here in the United States.

I have been watching NXT lately, on Hulu plus, and I must say that it’s become my favorite wrestling show. I love how they present the product. It’s so different from Raw, and TNA. It’s very refreshing to watch. I highly recommend it.

Also proud to announce that Season 2 of Pro Wrestling 101 debuted yesterday. Episode 1 talks about the differences of playing both a heel and babyface. Check it out:

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Well that does it for this week. Next week I will have an exclusive report from my first match ever in Mexico. That’s not just the coolest, that’s not just the best, that’s The Justin Credible report.

See you here next week.

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  • Christian Parazuli

    Thanks for showing you once again that you and Wade Keller don’t have a clue about wrestling in general.

    Pure wrestling doesn’t draw a rating. Had you and Wade actually looked at the quarter hour numbers for both WWE and TNA you would see that. The average channel flipper is not interested in pure wrestling. Had that been the case, ROH would be dominating ratings worldwide. Yet, they have a hard time getting a distribution deal in Canada no less and can’t even score 1 million viewers via free to air television available in over 20 states.

    Funniest part is, you then completely spew a double standard when it comes to WWE programming which features a guy who made a name for himself as a pure wrestler yet hasn’t had a single 5 star match in the WWE; Who’s made his name by constantly screaming YES and losing the title two times in less than 40 seconds combined.

    • Bozo Sapien

      He’s right. If TNA “did away with all of the bells and whistles and just focused on the wrestling” it WOULD make a huge difference. Their ratings would be even lower because the place would be full of vanilla midgets like Justin Credible.

  • King David

    I been a wwe fan from my early child hood days. and I know wwe is mostly faked n premeditated. but I am getting sick n tired of people interfering in good matches and people using there power to control others. I appreciated the fans last night in voicing there opinions toward hhh. I wish next paper view people don’t show up so that since its power to the people, for them to realize people are getting tired of there bs

  • SirQuala O’Smith


  • Robb Maynard

    I think Justin is suggesting TNA do away with their over-production, because it won’t compete with WWE’s production. He doesn’t suggest doing away with storylines. In fact, TNA needs to focus on tighter, maybe more realistic storylines, cut out the pyro and over-bearing showiness, as it falls short anyhow. If they did a more down-to-earth type show, where there are promos and feuds, but less ostentatiousness, they’d resonate more with Indy type fans already jaded with WWE, draw some older era fans, and maybe pull some MMA viewers as well. Justin is saying that TNA is playing a game they can’t win against WWE, and to establish a true identity, they need to focus on their strengths, and thats their talent, not their rapidly depleting finances and half-hearted drama.