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Hello everybody, and welcome back The Justin Credible Report exclusively on First off I want to apologize for being a little late on my report. A lot of you know that my wife is fighting stage 3 cervical cancer, so I’m shaken, as you can imagine, but the show must go on.

This week I’m not going to talk about Raw, and WWE happenings. This week I’m going to freestyle, and just say what’s on my mind. The first thing I want to talk about is Indy wrestling. As a fan there has never been a time where so many good wrestlers and good matches are on display on the Indy scene.

For example this weekend Tommy Dreamer has his House of Hardcore show. It’s being held at the historical Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. To me, as a real wrestling fan, this show is more attractive than anything WWE, or TNA is putting out. Just for the record, I’m not booked on the show, nor do I have any interest in the show, but this kind of line-up is what makes me excited about wrestling. Wrestlers scheduled to appear X-Pac, Lance Storm, Terry Funk, The Dudleys, and every other hot indy wrestlers that matter. I think that in this WWE runs wrestling era, these are the shows you attend to see something different than on Monday Nights.

Another example is Pro Wrestling Syndicate. These guys are also doing it right. They bring in big name draws, but have totally made their own stars in the process. Nov 16th Dream match Justin Credible vs Big Van Vader, are you kidding me? Then also on the card ICP, Scott Hall, and their homegrown sensation Bonesaw. That’s what I’m saying, look out.

There is some great Indy promotions out there doing amazing things. That’s where the heartbeat of the business lies. ROH is just an after thought. They stopped being relevant when Gabe Sapolsky, and RF got out. If you look out there you will find guys like PWS, IWE, and HOH. Giving real wrestling fans what they want. Support Indy Wrestling. It’s ours to protect.

Switching gears I want to talk about the Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin situation. I want to relate this to what young men and women in pro wrestling go through in big league locker rooms. I remember going into a WWF locker room at age 19. I was barely an adult, in a world of alpha males. I was hazed terribly. I had my eyebrows shaved, my gear destroyed, and even tied to a pole, but you know what I learned respect. I learned to honor this business, and those that came before me.

I was hazed by Curt Henning, Davey Boy Smith, and even JBL, but they always let me know, in their own way, hang in there kid. I manned up the best I could, and earned my stripes in any locker room anywhere in the world. It sounds crazy, but we police ourselves in wrestling.

So many kids in this business, who go to a wrestling school for 2 weeks and thinks he’s the next HBK need a little “tough love”. If those guys didn’t smarten me up, I would have been a mark walking around this business blind.

I’m not advocating hate or malicious intent, but I really think in the wrestling business, respect is lacking. I always said when is it going to be my turn. Well it’s my turn as a veteran to say we need to respect our business, and treat it that way, Because frankly Indy wrestling is all many of us will ever have. Respect it.

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  • Albert T

    A very valid point about indy wrestling, because if Vince were to have his way, we may not have that as the resource it has surprisingly become.

  • Scott Bland

    This is the BS that makes me embarrassed to be a fan of pro wrestling. Bullying is not a way to teach respect, it’s a way to teach fear. Teaching respect is doing things the right way and being a good person. You people are bullies that are taking advantage of a new person that’s afraid to fight back. You’re nothing but cowards.