The Justin Credible Report – Los Matadores Debut, Rhodes Family Storyline & More

Welcome back, to The Justin Credible Report exclusively on! We have a lot to talk about, so lets jump in. First I want to apologize for being a bit behind schedule. I had a long weekend on the road, and Sunday I went to see my favorite band in concert, 30 Seconds to Mars. Great show! I got to meet the band, Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, and Tomo. Thanks for your hospitality. Cool guys.

Now let’s talk pro wrestling. Los Matadores made their long awaited debut on Raw, and all I can say is WOW. I don’t mean it in a good way either. Los Matadores look like Aldo Montoya, and Mantaur had kids. I would love to be a fly on the wall during that creative meeting. I mean really guys a mini bull. What did these poor guys do to deserve that. It’s like I was back in WWF, in 1995.

You remember that great year in the WWF. The year that brought you unforgettable characters like Mantaur, The Goon, Sparky Plug, and yours truly Aldo Montoya. I know it’s for the kids, but even my 6 year old thought it was silly. It scares me to think that is where they are headed with the WWE characters.

I really enjoyed the Rhodes family segment. You know that the comments made by HHH that Dusty couldn’t make it outside of Florida, and the NWA, had to sting. The beatdown by the Shield left them with a ton of heat. Dusty still can play the sympathetic babyface role. The crowd really booed the Shield, and it’s good that they are putting heat on the heels.

Daniel Bryan and the Randy Orton saga continued this week. It’s about time that the focus has been switched to the 2 participants, not just HHH stacking the odds against Bryan. Randy was in viper mode, and destroyed Bryan. During the beating Brie Bella came down to ringside. She really needs to take some acting classes, because instead of adding to the drama, for this viewer, it took away. Her yelling “please stop” was horrible. Anyway I’m glad that they closed the show with the heel getting his heat heading into Battleground PPV.

Speaking of the PPV. WWE did a poor job pushing the PPV to their fans. October is a tough, because they have 2 PPVs in the month. They need to make it feel like a must see event. If they want me to pony up the $50 bucks they have to do a better job. Instead the build feels like it’s a little more than a glorified Raw. Don’t worry if it doesn’t draw. They will just say “we were right, Daniel Bryan can’t draw”.

This past Saturday, I went back to my old stomping grounds of Queens, NY for FTW wrestling. It was only 1 block away from the original Elks Lodge, ECW’s Madhouse of Extreme. I had a hard hitting match against Jossef Von Shcmidt, and won my 2nd title the FTW wrestling championship. I love wrestling in NYC, and it reminded me of the good old days of ECW.

This week on Pro Wrestling 101 I interviewed ROH wrestler Brutal Bob Evans. Bob was the first guy who booked me to wrestle here in the U.S. He really went deep in this episode. Probably the most informative episode we have ever done. If you are an Indy wrestler, don’t miss it.

Aldo Montoya will make a rare appearance at Legends of the Ring in Newark, NJ this Saturday at the Marriott. Come say hi if your in the area.

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  • Manpreet Singh

    For the Los Matadores I think you are selling them short. I mean in the end of the day if we like it or not wwe is entertainment and wrestling. Los Matadores have the entertainment for the children i guess…with a great entrance to get the crowd on their feet. But the wrestling is there i mean these guys are still the two dudes from PR that put on good tag team matches with many teams that were just put together. As for El Torito I feel like the WWE many have something great because its not only a side attraction with the hopes. Im hoping wwe is smart with him and does some matches with him cause he is a professional wrestler himself. I feel like wwe may have something here and its just their first week on tv. If we judged all wrestler based on their first look Aldo would have come off as a overgrown kid with a yellow jock strap on his face. No offense.

  • Rey Ca$h

    I had the same thought about Brie Bella watching Bryan get beat down by Orton when I watched it…until I really thought about it. Brie is a wrestler, not some random woman. She had a match earlier that night. She’s used to seeing massive beatdowns. So, to me, it made sense that she wasn’t visibly shaken by Bryan getting beat down. She just wanted it to stop. I can understand it…kind of. Anyway, great job as always Justin.

  • yrabadi

    Wasn’t a fan of Los Matadores either, however I think there’s potential there – especially for the kids. WWE is smart in that they have different characters that target their different target audiences. Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, Jericho – cats like that are for the more mature wrestling fan who misses the attitude days and wants to see wrestling. Santino, Emma, Los Matadores, Khali… More so attractions for the kids. The wrestling isn’t as important as the character when it comes to those cases, or at least that is what WWE might be thinking.

    So I don’t mind. Sure I’d love it if all the wrestlers and the show was targeted solely to me, but I understand it’s a business, and that they have to appeal to all their fans if they want to make the most profit. Los Matadores will appeal to the kids… Not to mention some great merch opportunities with the bull involved.