The Justin Credible Report – WWE Raw Thought’s, CM Punk, Triple H, WWE Title, Maria & More

Welcome back to the Justin Credible Report exclusively on! As always lots going on, so let’s do jump right in. This weeks Raw was in Chicago, IL. Chicago has always been one of the hottest markets for pro wrestling, so the crowd was hot.

I have to make note of this before I go any further. I lost count with how many wrestlers in WWE slap there legs when delivering a kick. Especially Del Rio. It’s done so much that its silly. I remember WWE stepping in when lots of wrestlers were slapping their shoulders when punching. It’s just soooo noticeable. Anyway I digress. Besides the leg slapping, I really enjoyed Kofi vs Del Rio good match, and the crowd was into everything they did. I really wish they would push Kofi. He is so athletic, and talented.

I like how they addressed the whole Shield thing in the beginning of the show. I just wish HHH wasn’t in every single segment. I know they are trying to establish him as the heel COO, but it’s a bit too much of a good thing for this viewer. I do however like how the storylines are intertwined.

They are keeping everyone, for the most part, involved. I wasn’t a fan of the Miz TV segment with Big Show. I just sick of seeing Show act like such a wuss. I know him personally, and he has a mean streak. I hope we get to see that Big Show soon. Have you downloaded the WWE app? I have then I erased it and downloaded the pwtorch and the app. Both are way better, just saying.

RVD vs Randy Orton match was another very good TV match. RVD looks good. They work well together, and I like where they are going with Orton’s character.

Finally we get to CM Punk in front of his hometown. What a great ovation for Punk. It’s got to be awesome to be CM Punk in front of the Chicago crowd. Of course who else, but Paul Heyman would ruin the mood. There exchanges are still entertaining. I like that Heyman is now “The Best in The World”. The WWE delivered on Punk getting to Heyman, with a twist, I just wish it wasn’t with Ryback. I just think that Ryback will never really get over the Goldberg thing. I do enjoy the ongoing story and the way they continue to stack the odds against the babyface. Did I mention Ryback almost missed throwing Punk thru the table. That would have sucked.

Daniel Bryan will get another chance at the WWE title vs Randy Orton at Battlegrounds PPV.

I always hated when titles are put in “abeyance” I’ve never heard that term before HHH used it last week, but I will go with it. I just think it’s a lazy way to continue the Daniel Bryan hunt for the WWE championship.

I have finally decided to run my own training camp. The Pro Wrestling 101 training camp will be held in Feb 2014. I’ve always had an issue with the way some wrestling schools handle their training. I’m modeling my school exactly how I was trained and how Lance Storm trains his students. I’m taking a small number of students. It’s an 8 week intensive, and emersive program.

We train 5 days a week. Everyone starts at the same time. Nothing falls thru the cracks. It will be the new standard in pro wrestling training. If you want to be a pro wrestler go to – Dare to be great.

This past weekend I was in Rahway NJ for Pro Wrestling Syndicate. They had a packed house of 1000 fans. They put on a great show, and I got to see Jake Roberts, and Matt Hardy. I can’t believe how amazing Jake looks. It’s a tribute to how hard he has worked, and the amazing stuff that DDPYoga has done for all who have tried it. I also wrestled for NYWC in Islip, NY on Saturday night, and my opponent was ECW legend Mikey Whipwreck. For a brief moment it felt like 1998 all over again. I’m happy to say we had a good match, and Mikey can still go.

This week on Pro Wrestling 101 we have a unique look at the women’s side of the biz with Maria Kanellis, from ROH. Very cool to have her on 101,, you can watch the episode below.

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  • Loyd Walls

    HHH is acting the role of John boy. When are they going to get some writers with talent? WWE is over rated and thank goodness they have a hand full of talent or they would go down by there own ego………….