The Justin Credible Report – SummerSlam, TNA, Scott Hall & Steve Austin, ROH, ECW & More

Hello everybody, and welcome to another edition of The Justin Credible report exclusively on Last week was extremely busy for me. I did two great shows for two great promotions.

Thursday I got the pleasure of working former WWE announcer Matt Striker. He is still in tremendous shape, and I was a little surprised that he is still crisp in the ring. He moved and worked like a true superstar. Being an announcer didn’t take anything away from Matt. He can go!!! Friday was the big show for local indy standout RWE. It was a stacked card. Myself, Jay Lethal, The Young Bucks, and many ROH superstars rocked the house. If you are in New England area next time they have a show, don’t miss it.

Monday I released another episode in my Pro Wrestling 101 series. This episode is about tag teams. I highly recommend this for any young man or women who wants to get into the wrestling business. The show can be found at or you can watch it below.

I’m really excited for SummerSlam this year. The two top matches have sold me a long time ago. CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar will be awesome, but I really think Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena will take match of the night honors. I’m also expecting Del Rio vs. Christian to be a hell of a match. I’m glad to see he is getting another chance to perform in a championship match situation. NBC will be airing a WWE WrestleMania 1hr special focusing on Cena vs. Rock. That will be August 3rd not sure the time.

Lots of people in the industry are speculating and talking about what’s going on in TNA. I have spoken personally with some friends that work with the company, and most say that it is just a restructuring to adjust to taking Impact on the road, and cutting back to 4 PPVs a year. Only time will tell, but I don’t think TNA is in any real danger of shutting down. I think they just want to start to make some money, but only time will tell.

I happened to be online messing around, and I stumbled across Steve Austin’s podcast with Scott Hall. I was so entertained. Scott has always been very open, but it was the first time where he was just being himself. If you haven’t checked it out, go back do yourself a favor and listen to the podcast with Hall.

WWE wrestler and executive HHH aka Paul Levesque turned 44 on July 27th. Happy Birthday Paul.

ROH and Sinclair broadcasting just released a statement that they have acquired new stations around the country so ROH will really benefit from this. I don’t have all the info in front of me, but I know they will reach down to Alabama and as far east as Pennsylvania. There is much more to it than that, but I only remember those markets.

WWE released ECW Unreleased Volume 2 today. It features a 3 way dance with me vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Steve Corino. I remember that match was awesome. Which brings me to my last point. WWE with all the ECW video releases, the ECW features on etc. keep our names and the brand ECW alive and somewhat relevant in 2013. I have been off TV for 7yrs, and young kids that never had the chance to catch ECW back then, are watching it through YouTube and WWE releases. I guess what I’m saying is with the help of WWE, ECWs name will never die. Any way time to wrap it up.

Here is this week’s Pro Wrestling 101:

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Next week I want to talk DDPYoga.

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