The Justin Credible Report – The Good & The Bad From Monday’s Raw, WWE Ratings & More

Hello everybody, welcome back. Lately every time I watch Raw I feel like I’m in the movie Groundhogs Day. If you haven’t seen the movie, Bill Murrays character wakes up everyday on Groundhogs Day. He has the same exact day, and he can’t seen to get past it. That’s how I feel watching Monday Night Raw.

Every single week we get the same promo from The Authority, usually to kick off the show. Then the WWE pains us with 3 hours of mid card action, until the Main Event.

I really liked the six man tag team match with The Shield vs. Rey Mysterio, Big E Langston, Kofi Kingston. They had a nice flow to the match, with believable false finishes. At the end Dean Ambrose gets the pin, and the commentators again are talking about possible dissention in the ranks.

The Tag Title match between The New Age Outlaws vs. The Rhodes Bros in a steel cage was a huge disappointment for me. I really like both teams, and they are capable of better than this especially with the cage. You know it’s bad when it’s deadly silent, and then the fans started the CM Punk chants. I hope these guys step it up for their PPV match, which I assume they will have.

This takes us to the Main Event. WWE champ Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan, in a non title match. Those two have great chemistry, and I really enjoyed their previous matches. Orton hurt Bryans right arm early. Wait a minute! Right arm? I know most fans have no idea what I’m talking about, but when you’re trained as a wrestler you always, always work on the left side. I guess Randy must have thought he was working in Mexico. Anyways I digress. When Bryan starts to make a comeback the crowd is with him on everything. I loved the spot where Bryan was hitting Orton from corner to corner, than Orton hit a high drop kick. It was predictable that Bryan would get the win. That’s WWE booking 101. What killed it for me was Kane coming out. It took away from the great match, and finish. I like that the Authority got their heat back. I just wish it was someone other than Kane. It was a crowd killer. I have a ton of respect for Kane, but this gimmick is not working for me.

I waited to publish this report until I got the ratings for Raw. After weeks, and weeks of bad decisions, and bad TV Raw lost over 500,000 viewers from last week. Not a good sign that fans are turning off, so close to the launch of the WWE Network. WWE can’t be too happy with the non ratings impact of the returning Batista. In a way this could be a good thing. The WWE fans are obviously not happy with the direction of the WWE. In my opinion, as a fan, the WWE has been dropping the ball since Summer Slam. I think that this number will put them on notice, and I hope that they come back with a more compelling show.

To switch gears on PWTorch I do a Q&A thing daily. Today a fan asked do they think that any ECW alum could ever get in the WWE HOF. I suggested if anybody deserved it, it should be as a collective. ECW had a number of big stars, but Heyman always concentrated on the brand ECW. ECW was a movement. ECW was more than any one wrestler. That was Heymans vision, and if they ever induct anyone from ECW, I hope it’s a collective unit of the founding fathers of the company. Me included of course.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

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  • justinept

    Not shocked to see Raw dip lower in the ratings. Former fans might have their interest piqued in the coming weeks when The Undertaker, Lesnar, and possibly even Hogan start showing up on TV – but if Orton, Cena, Triple H and Batista are the center piece of the show, then I doubt those fans will stick around. After all, those are the same four guys that were atop the card when so many former fans initially stopped watching.

    As it is, the most exciting thing about Raw lately have been the crowd reactions. I’m curious how many people are tuning in to see just how silly some of the booking can get and how the crowd reacts to it. This week was especially interesting as it was the first since the CM Punk departure came to light. When, “How will the crowd react to the CM Punk news?” is my big question leading into Raw, there’s something obviously wrong with the product. When my biggest itch to watch Raw this week is to see how much the fans will sh*t on the announced main event of Orton/Cena, there’s something wrong.

    For what it’s worth, I’m guessing the March 3rd Raw in Chicago will be highly anticipated by a lot of fans for exactly that reason – provided nothing drastic happens and Punk doesn’t return between now and then.

    • Justin Credible

      Punk will probably be back by then

      • justinept

        Not saying I don’t see him returning ever – or even for WrestleMania 30 – but I don’t see it happening before March 3. At this point, we have just two more Raws before the Elimination Chamber, and that pay-per view seems like a ‘go’ without Punk’s involvement. Even if the WWE through him in the Chamber in place of Christian, it would be kind of ‘meh.’ We’d have a nice moment with his initial return, but it’d be tough to maintain any steam for him since they’d just be booking him to lose in the chamber…

        If the WWE has already mended the fence with Punk, and they’re just waiting for the right time to bring him back – then just wait until March 3. That crowd is going to be going insane for him all night; and if the WWE can actually deliver Punk to them, it will absolutely blow the roof off the place. It could be an iconic moment that provides more than enough steam for the final 4-week road to WrestleMania.

        Curious what you’d think about that… after all, I’m kind of inept – and you’re pretty incredible.

  • VS

    I’m just happy to see Justin back on his feet. Addiction is tough and he’s been honest and forthright and fighting the good fight every day

    • Justin Credible

      Thanks bro

  • tobimobi

    Lets hope that the brass doesn’t put the blame on bryan agian as the supposedly did after summerslam. Because it can’t possibly be big brawny batista that turns the fans off.

    • Justin Credible

      I just hope the WWE gets better to watch

  • Ian Davis

    Very true words WWE really need to step back and look at what’s going on with their product this is not the time for arrogant we know better thinking with the network about to launch. Personally I’ve been watching ROH a lot lately as I prefer it at the moment .

    • Justin Credible

      Thanks for reading. ROH is good. Just wish they were more mainstream

      • Mordecai

        Not to take anything away from the workers or bookers at ROH, but I feel they are down a tad bit as of late. The SCUM stuff was great, I liked the Cole/Elgin/Briscoe stuff, but it seems like when talent leaves, they suffer a bit. The small roster can only go so far and feuds can only last so long I guess. I’m not meaning to knock them, because there is great potential with Styles and Hero back, it will just take a bit to build up the story lines. By the time they have their shows during WM weekend, I positive they’ll be firing on all cylinders (as will DGUSA).

        Anyways, I’m new to this particular site I am tankful I stumbled on the one that you do commentary for. I’ve always appreciated your insight.

  • bigmanfromnewfoundland

    Enjoy reading your articles weekly.

    On a note to the Rhodes and NAO match. Do you agree that the moonsault off top was badly missed, seemed like Road Dogg was out of position. It looked great, until Cody hit Doggs arm.

  • Robert Kane

    Great read Justin! I’ve always been a big fan of your work. Thank’s for the years of entertainment. Now, as someone who has been on both sides of the curtain, let me ask you this. Are Vince and HHH this stubborn to ignore how popular Bryan and Punk are? Vince relies on former legends as the expense of building new superstars. For my money, they are the two best (and most over) guys on the roster, yet we are focusing on Orton and Batista at Wrestlemania? When wrestling has been at it’s best, (Hogan era and Attitude Era) the BEST guys HEADLINED. Lol. Seems like a silly idea to complicate. BBC and even Harvard Business Review have written articles on whether this is genius modern day kayfabe playing so close to reality and they will pull a big swerve OR a stubborn family who is controlling who WE the fans get as our champ/favorite wrestler. This is a strange and unique time for WWE. It’s uncharted waters. How do you see all of this playing out?

  • Ellsworth Allah

    all i can say mr credible is ECW ECW ECW ECW!!! #markingout n where wud punk b if u hadn’t put him over back den