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Hello everybody, and welcome back to the Justin Credible Report exclusively on I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Lots of stuff to talk about ,so lets get right to it.

This past weekend I was part of Wrestlecade, in Winston-Salem, NC. It’s an all day event that features tons of vendors and wrestling greats signing autographs, and a spectacular iPPV event in the evening. First let me explain what happened to me. My passport had expired, and with the government shutdown in past weeks I didn’t get mine back in time to fly for the event. Instead of calling promoters, and letting fans down, my wife and I got in our car and drove from Connecticut to North Carolina. The reason for that was simple. Even though I have been doing all of the right things since I got sober, skeptics are always quick to find faults with any wrong move you make.

Well I’m happy to say that it was well worth driving 1300 miles round trip to see all of the great fans, and some of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Even though I was born in the Northeast, I was a fan of the NWA. I got to see the legendary Rock & Roll Express, Manny Fernandez, Bobby Fulton, Ref Tommy Young, Tully Blanchard, JJ Dillon, and many more. It’s these kinds of events that answer any doubts I have about continuing on in Pro Wrestling.

Monday Night Raw was in beautiful OKC. The most important thing for me coming out of the Raw broadcast was that at TLC we will crown a single unified World Champion. I know that there are a lot of opinions on this, but I believe that one promotion should have one world champion. I never liked the way WWE called one title holder WWE champ, and the other World champion. For this viewer it was confusing, and we all knew that whatever belt John Cena had was the most important. It’s about time we finally get one World Champion in the WWE.

I’m a bit hesitant about 2 of the WWE’s top Babyfaces in handicap matches on the TLC PPV. CM Punk vs The Shield, and Daniel Bryan vs The Wyatts. I like the possibility of both programs, but handicap matches are difficult. Not to mention you are essentially telling the same story twice in the same PPV broadcast.

The John Cena vs Randy Orton TLC unification match should be a good one. Both guys are hungry, and I think the winner will be the man come WrestleMania.

I like that they featured a number 1 contenders match on Raw between Damien Sandow and Dolph Ziggler. Sandow won the contest, so he will be facing Big E Langston for the Intercontinental title at TLC. I hope this is the beginning of treating the IC & U.S titles like they matter.

This weekend I will be wrestling for IWE in Maine. They are a great Indy organization. If any of you guys live in Maine I highly recommend you come out, catch some of the great IWE wrestling action.

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  • Jake Fury

    It is indeed about time that the titles were unified. It’s fitting. Perhaps Triple H [who is the head of creative after all] wanted it in December, because he was unable to be a part of the unification 12 years ago at Vengeance, do to an injury? So he has recreated the unification event, and this time he will be a part of history being made, in some form or another.

    • No Escaping Gravity

      He’ll probably find a way to put the new Unified belt on himself.

  • al

    I will be there once again for iwe thank you for coming up and working your ass off we thank you

  • BPerala

    I agree with everything you said here.