The Justin Credible Report – WWE HIAC, Damien Sandow, Daniel Bryan, Rhodes’, DDP Yoga & More

Hello everybody, and welcome back to The Justin Credible Report exclusively on Lots of fall out with HIAC and Monday Night Raw.

The Main story coming out of this weekends PPV is that Randy Orton is the new WWE champion. If I was a loyal WWE fan I would be a little frustrated that after shelling out $55 a PPV that fans did not walk away satisfied. I’m not saying that it’s mandatory that Daniel Bryan walk away with the WWE championship, but again his efforts were thwarted by HHH and company without any real satisfaction given to the fans that paid to see their hero triumph. My biggest concern is that fans are a bit turned off by the last 3 PPVs, and that’s not a good thing. WWE has been delivering good storylines, but in this viewers opinion, failing to deliver that big feel good moment to close the shows. Hopefully they are setting up for something big. I just have a feeling that Daniel Bryan will not get the big moment on this particular run.

Monday night on Raw they came out hot with Damien Sandow cashing in his MITB briefcase on the opening segment of Raw against newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. They had a hell of a match last night, with Sandow doing a number on Cena’s surgically repaired arm. Even though Sandow lost the match, he left looking better than when he went in. Sandow looked evil, and had a killer instinct. I think he is ready to break out very soon.

CM Punk beat Ryback in 4 mins in a street fight, with Paul Heyman being absent. It’s safe to say that Ryback is slowly moving back down on the card. I’m sure Heyman will be off TV for a bit with Curtis Axel on the shelf. That will really hurt Ryback, because Heyman really helped his character come to life. Both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were attacked by The Wyatt family. I’m wondering if this is to simply set up a Survivor Series match or HHH sent them

The Rhodes Brothers continue to be the stars of the WWE, to me, with their amazing tag matches. They totally rocked HIAC, and again last night. Goldust is doing some of the best work of his career. It just proves that your wrestling career is not over after 40. They have had some of the most entertaining segments on WWE TV since they began teaming. I also hope this is the beginning of a tag team resurgence in the WWE. Now would be the perfect time for it.

Monday night Big Show again spoiled things for the Authority. After much of the same Show came down to ringside, got beaten up by The Shield, and the Rhodes Brothers and Usos made the save. Show basically talked about WWE losing millions in the lawsuit, blah blah blah. Orton stuck in the ring and Show KOd him. HHH then teased getting in the ring. The show closed with Orton and HHH retreated up the ramp.

I hope that this is not the end of Daniel Bryan. WWE gave him a tiny bone by having him put HBK in the Yes lock, but is that it. I don’t know were any of this is going, but last week we were talking about a possible HHH vs Daniel Bryan or Bryan vs HBK. That now seems highly unlikely. It seems that all the focus has been put on Big Show, and Bryan moved down to work with CM Punk vs Wyatts. If so What A Waste.

I’m really excited about beginning my DDPYoga certification program. I spoke with DDP last week, and I super stoked about what he’s doing with DDPYoga. I’m grateful to be a part of such a wonderful family. He is doing some amazing things with his program, and he has allowed us to learn and use it for ourselves to help as many people as possible. Thank You Dallas.

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  • Rick Yuhnke

    Dead on, nice. He puts it just like we feel it. Good job!

  • tobimobi

    Stop whining. If where cena being superkicked and not bryan you would not be moaning about not having a feel good moment. Im not a cena fan but the babyface being screwed by the heels is not a new invention made by hhh and vince to keep bryan from ever being wwe champ.

  • Albert T

    In this case, it doesn’t feel like the WWE is making us wait for the big title change. Rather, it simply feels like yet another potential superstar is being allowed to rot because Vince and his family feel they know better. Sadly, Bryan’s story has happened to numerous others in the past ten years, which has created a sense of dread every time some one with true potential is sacrificed at the alter of Vince’s booking philosophy. If the WWE wants to convince the fans that waiting for Bryan to become WWE Champion is a worthwhile investment, then he needs to start letting him be as much of a star as he can and not simply a commodity that can be easily replaced.