The Justin Credible Report – WWE Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan, Raw, Jake Roberts-HOF & More

Hello everybody! Welcome back. What was supposed to be the kick-off to an exciting WrestleMania season turned sour. I went into Sunday excited to watch the Royal Rumble PPV. It’s one of the WWE’s biggest, and most important PPV’s of the year. I’m usually apprehensive about spending $60 on any pro wrestling PPV, but you can’t miss with the Royal Rumble right? Wrong!!

I can’t remember the last time I felt so let down by an event. I figured even if everything else bombs the Rumble match is always good, and we would figure out who was going to challenge for the WWE World title at WrestleMania 30. Well as most of you know it was not the epic event we were all expecting. I have no problem with Batista, but after one appearance on Raw the WWE hot shots him to Main Event Mania?

It obviously left most of the WWE Universe up in arms, and rightfully so. The match up of Randy Orton vs. Batista doesn’t entice me even a little bit. Now let’s talk about Daniel Bryan. He had a PPV saving performance against an unproven Bray Wyatt. Both men brought it Sunday night, and it was the only thing worth watching at the Rumble. I’m not surprised that Bryan wasn’t in the Rumble. I saw no indication that the WWE creative team was positioning him for a WWE title hunt. Well the fans certainly did, and they voiced their opinions. They more than voiced their opinions, they hijacked the PPV.

It’s been a long while since the WWE has put on a great PPV. I don’t know what’s the problem. They are heading into a milestone WrestleMania, and the launch of the WWE Network. I hope that this trend ends soon, but for now I’m not spending another dime on the product.

Now let’s talk Monday nights Raw. WWE had no choice, but to acknowledge the Daniel Bryan situation. There has been lots of talk that this was the plan all along. To get fans to rally behind Bryan. If it was they did it at the expense of the WWE Universe pretty much shitting on the rest of the card. HHH and Steph played it perfect as heels, but when he told the fans “too bad” you didn’t get what you wanted, that really struck a chord. They opened up with Bryan demanding to be in the Elimination Chamber match. Enter a Shield beat down, then Cena and Sheamus make the save setting up for the Main Event. After a decent effort the babyfaces win and all three move on to the Elimination match.

The one thing I was really happy about was the Jake “Snake” Roberts being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I’ve known Jake for 20 years. I’ve seen Jake at his best, and I’ve seen him at his worst. I couldn’t be happier for Jake. It has been a long road in his recovery. He has given his all to overcome his demons, and I know how hard it is. I respect, and admire you Jake. I’m happy that you’ve finally received the recognition you so rightly deserve.

In closing I don’t want to sound all gloom, and doom about the WWE. First and foremost I’m a wrestling fan. I’m speaking as a wrestling fan. The business is struggling, and it seems that everyone follows the WWE’s lead. This could be an exciting time for wrestling. It’s up to all of us to step up. If you like something support it, and if you don’t like something let them know. The business is in need of something. Let’s hope that we can find it, and blow it up again.

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  • Stoney53

    Thought raw’s opening was great and really built up the anticipation for the main event but they never really captitulized on it. Miz/Ziggler was eh, and so was truth/fandango. I thought the Usos and the Real Americans brought it and even the Divas had a moment with the triple suplex, but there was never really any great matches until the main event. I really think the WWE should have more title shots and title changes on their weekly shows which would allow them to have surprise PPV cards and main events that fans don’t see coming unless they watch raw or smackdown when a new champ is crowned. Right now, you can pretty much predict who is fighting whom from PPV to PPV, and that makes your weekly shows worthless.

  • David Garcia

    I used to date a girl whose dad was a major league pitcher for 15 years. It was always fascinating to watch a ballgame or talk baseball with him. He could watch hitters and know where to attack them in the strike zone. He could look at a lineup and say who he would attack and why often the guy with the great stats was not as good as the guy batting behind him. He could look at a pitcher and predict his decline if he lost just 5 mph on his fastball. In other words he knows how the baseball sausage is made….and because of this knowledge, he simply can’t ever just be a fan like me. He can appear like a fan, buy he’s always analyzing with his advanced knowledge of the game.

    I use this example because I wonder if Justin can ever just be a fan and watch WWE through the eyes of a fan. The reason I bring this up is that I think many of the fans so upset with WWE after the Rumble “think” (maybe they do…maybe not) they know how the wrestling sausage is made. So rather than sit back and enjoy the Rumble exactly as it was advertised to potentially unfold, they convinced themselves that WWE had to put Bryan in the Rumble and give him the win because he is so over, and as a result they are angry that WWE doesn’t book WWE the way they would. They they think they know WWE’s business.

    I can think of any number of reasons why WWE didn’t give the fans what they want…providing these vocal fans actually do represent all the fans WWE is trying to sell WWE to. There’s so many factors that as a fan I’m completely ignorant of, so many business partners, so many balls in the air that WWE is juggling, that for me to say what they should or shouldn’t have done is ridiculous. Maybe Bryan is money…or maybe he might be money, but isn’t there yet and WWE needs to bet on where the money already is, especially as they try to sell Mania AND the WWE Network. I just don’t know.

    So my question for Justin would be if he thinks he can still suspend disbelief, putting aside all the knowledge he’s gained in his career and truly watch wrestling like the 11 year old boy in Philly or the 8 year old in Atlanta? Can he really watch wrestling as that type of fan, the one who knows nothing about merch sales, ticket sales, who is over, who is a draw, etc, the type of fan whose emotions can be manipulated to make them even more invested, like when their favorite gets beat by the cult leader after having been “injured” earlier in the week…reportedly..and is treated unfairly by his mean boss?

    And these are honest questions, no sarcasm or nonsense attached. I’d be real interested in his answer.

  • Coldgrits

    I agree with the post below somewhat. More so both sides [the fans and owners of the company] need to work together. WWEs ego towards this will bend eventually. I think they are just used to making the decisions and are still dealing with how to balance their product from SO much information on the internet. It’s shifting gradually towards something better, but the fans, we have to let them know constantly how they are fucking up! From what I’ve heard I don’t really care to see a lot of the matches they have planned for WM, I don’t care for Brock Lesnar personally, or Batista. They had their times of greatness and still will. They shouldn’t win their matches at WM 30. Punk or Bryan should and one of them should become champion. The biggest pop at WMXXX would come from Bryan pinning or submitting Orton/Batista/Lesnar (lol) for the title in the center of the ring. Why deny that?