The Latest On Mick Foley-Dean Ambrose Feud; FCW News

As noted earlier, FCW star Dean Ambrose wrote on Twitter that he was sent home from last night’s Super SmackDown in Hampton, Virginia. Mick Foley wrote that he had a problem at SmackDown and took care of it, referring to Ambrose being sent home.

For what it’s worth, talk is that Ambrose really was sent back to developmental but not because of anything to with Foley and not permanently. Unconfirmed talk is that an important developmental meeting is being held today and today may be the official return of Terry Taylor to the company. Taylor has been rumored to be heading up a new WWE developmental project in Stamford near WWE headquarters.

Back to Ambrose, here are some more of his tweets after saying he was sent home from SmackDown last night:

“Too angry to type. Will discuss more when i feel like it #lostgeneration.”

“ok,so I get sent home from tvs? cuz MICK feels uncomfortable? like I did something wrong? like I’M a criminal? #hardcorelegend=softcorebitch”

“I realized Im really good at getting chewed out on the phone. The key is to put it on speaker and walk away, occasionally saying “uh huh””