The Man Called Sting Arrives On, Mick Foley Stand Up

— For the first-time ever, has added a wrestler who never competed for WWE to their Alumni Section—Sting: “Sting’s charismatic personality and colorful face pant made him one of the WCW’s most popular wrestlers and the most recognizable face of the organization. For the first-time ever on, check out Sting’s profile, photos and videos, the latest addition to the Alumni section!”

The website adds: “Remembered for his colorful charisma and struggle with The nWo, Sting has become synonymous with the Atlanta-based organization. Although he has never competed in a WWE ring, more than a decade since the demise of WCW, he remains one of the most popular and respected competitors of all-time.” To view his profile, click here.

— In honor of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s fortieth birthday on Wednesday, has posted 20 rare photos of the collegiate football player-turned-entertainer.

— Mick Foley performs stand-up comedy with Rev. Bob Levy tonight at Woolands Tavern in Columbus, Ohio. Event details are available here.

Video – Sting wrestles Kane