The Mike Check – 9/9 Weekly Retrospective

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the The Mike Check’s Weekly Retrospective of this weeks event’s in the World of Professional Wrestling. WWE had it’s final build towards the Night of Champions Pay Per View while TNA finished up the Bound for Glory finals and presented the Free to View No Surrender on Impact.

The Best:
Rated R for Return

It is not until someone has returned after a long absence when you realize just have much you miss someone. Edge returned this week and true to form, had the audience eating out of the palm over his hands. It may be been the Canadian crowd but I am sure that the “Rated R Superstar” could have gotten that reaction to his return wherever he decided to return. His interaction with Daniel Bryan, HHH, and Randy Orton helped to build up the main event for Night of Champions and set up a feud with Christian whenever he comes back from his concussion.

Daniel Bryan Gets His Revenge
After three solid weeks of Daniel Bryan getting his ass handed to him on 6 separate shows by Randy Orton and The Shield, Daniel Bryan finally got a measure of retribution on Randy Orton by hitting him with his new Knee Strike finisher on RAW and making “The Apex Predator” tap out on Smackdown. This gives the average viewer some believe that Daniel Bryan may have a chance of becoming the WWE Champion on Sunday. Daniel Bryan seems to be living under the “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me” philosophy because he has become a force in WWE as of late because of his struggles against “The Game”

As Good As Gold
Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes made his return to WWE this week in a match with WWE Champion Randy Orton. While watching the match, one thought came to mind, Dustin Rhodes should have been a World Champion. The Goldust gimmick was weird but the man under all of that paint is once day good wrestling and got over with the audience through his bizarre and funny promo abilities. Dustin went from pillar to post with the 2nd most dominate performer of the modern area and looks great even in defeat. This match will continue the Rhodes vs McMahons storyline but I have to wonder why they are spending so much time on this feud. Are they setting up Cody Rhodes to be the next challenger for Randy Orton’s championship? If so, where will this leave Daniel Bryan?

The Middle:
Another Phenomenal Accolade
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles did what we all expected of him on Impact, he won the 2013 Bound for Glory series and added another award to his already impressive career. AJ put on a decent match with Austin Aries, which we all thought would be the show stealer, but it unfortunatelly wasn’t. AJ followed up that lackluster match with a very good match with Magnus, busting out his exclamation point finisher, The Spiral Tap. AJ Styles will now move onto face Bully Ray for the TNA World Championship. This will be AJ Styles’ first chance to become the TNA World Champion in over a year. The thing that moves this into the middle category instead of the Best is that the first thing he did after winning was not to call out the champion but to call out Dixie Carter. What the heck is that about?

President vs Vice President
On Impact, Bully Ray decided that he needed to teach his upstart Vice President a lesson and did some in a way that may have sent Mr. Anderson out of TNA for good. Bully Ray was forced to put his championship on the line against Mr. Anderson by Hulk Hogan in a Last Man Standing Match and came out on top in a good match between the two men. The big news coming out of the match is what happened afterwards. Bully Ray gave Mr. Anderson a piledriver on the stage after the match. The piledriver was set up to get Mr. Anderson out of storylines for the time being. His contract is up and he may not return to TNA. If he doesn’t, he may not have another option as the WWE would not want him back considering his history with Randy Orton.

The Worst:
Santino Returns
This one is personal for me. Santino returning to WWE is bad enough but he returns and gets victories over Antonio Cesaro, who needed a victory going into his match on the Youtube Preshow with Jack Swagger for the #1 Contendership to the Tag Team Titles. He also defeated Mr. Money in the Bank Damien Sandow. I have never gotten Santino’s comedy and his in-ring work is on the same level as Zack Ryder. He is just one of those professional wrestling mysteries to me of why someone like him can get over while people with actual talent are pushed to the side.

Let’s Keep Dancing, NO!
The Miz and Fandango have begun a horrific feud on WWE TV as of late. This is nothing to do with their wrestling ability as both of these men are very capable in the ring, it is the fact that The Miz has to stoop down to Fandango’s level in order to feud with him. A former WWE Champion should not have to dress up in afros and participate in dance contests in order to continue a feud. This was just the worst thing on WWE TV to watch this week and I know that their is more of this crap coming as their interactions will likely continue.

Tag Team Turmoil
This week both organizations tried to revitalize their tag team division but neither company should be touting their success. WWE has made a #1 Contenders Tag Team Turmoil Match with 5 teams that have been so utterly destroyed over the past people of week that is hard to care about them. Over in TNA, GunStorm…yes that is their name…seem to be beginning a feud with Chavo and Hernandez. It is a feud built upon two teams who’s core members are trying to be someone they are not. The only time Chavo can get over is when he is going moves from Eddie Guerrero and if James Storm tried any harder to be “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, his hair would fall out.

I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read my rambling thoughts. If you have any comments on them, leave them in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you. Until next week…


Michael Grooms