The Miz Talks About The Post-WrestleMania WWE Raw Crowd, His Work In The Marine 3 & More

– The Miz recently spoke to “The Sun” about the post-WrestleMania Raw crowd and The Marine 3. Here are the highlights:

On the Post-WrestleMania Raw crowd: “The day after WrestleMania 29, on Monday Night Raw, the crowd was so rowdy and it’s all because of the Europeans that come for WrestleMania and stay for Raw. It’s the most amazing atmosphere, my favorite audience I’ve ever had in my career. They took over the entire show. If we could have crowds like that every night I’d be the happiest person in the world.”

On the UK fans: “I’m looking forward to watching Raw and seeing the London crowd be absolutely insane. The European crowds are always the rowdiest, hopefully they’ll be able to recapture the magic from the day after Wrestlemania. They are the funnest crowds we could possibly have.”

On his work in The Marine 3: “The Marine franchise has been very successful for WWE Studios. I’m hoping to exceed all expectations and projections. As of right now in the United States it has been, and has done well, so I’m hoping the same thing happens in Europe. I think anyone wants to play with guns and explosions when you’re a kid growing up. I was like a kid in a candy store! It was just so much fun to do. I really enjoyed it. When I was starting to do the character I didn’t want people to be like ‘Oh, that’s Mike from the Real World’ or ‘Oh, that’s The Miz from WWE’. I wanted them to see a whole other character. That’s what I tried to do and I think I did a pretty good job of it. People have said ‘I was expecting The Miz and I didn’t get The Miz’ so I’m pretty happy about that.”