The Reason HHH Is Returning & Why Nash vs. Punk Was Scrapped

On Monday’s RAW, we saw Kevin Nash challenge CM Punk to a match at Night of Champions, only to have the match changed to Triple H vs. CM Punk at the end of the show.

Company officials did plan for Nash to wrestle at Night of Champions, however those plans were scrapped after Nash’s recent visit to Pittsburgh for his physicals. While details are still sketchy, something about what the doctors observed made WWE decide against having him work a full match, even with a seasoned performer like Punk, who could take the majority of the bumps.

It’s expected that Kevin Nash will remain part of WWE storylines, perhaps as an enforcer/bodyguard for Triple H, but don’t expect to see him working singles matches any time soon.

The decision for Triple H to wrestle at Night of Champions wasn’t made until Monday afternoon.

Had Nash been medically cleared to wrestle at Night of Champions, the plan was for CM Punk to win their match.