The Rock & Cena Feud Continues, The Miz’s Future WWE Plans

– The Rock posted a photo from his family farm featuring himself and his horse Scoob. The Rock referred to the horse’s large teeth as “John Cena teeth.” Following Monday’s RAW, Cena responded to The Rock with the following on Twitter: “Hey dwayne. Glad u had fun on the farm. Would loved to have joined u and scoob…but I was at RAW looking for the guy who brings it…. Guess he decided he had better things to do…you know…like….hang out….on the farm…and stuff. :)”

– The Miz spoke with The New York Post this past weekend to promote his appearance on Monday’s Tough Enough. When asked what’s next for him in WWE: “This whole process has been one long journey, chapters in a book, and once I succeed in one, I focus on the next. I want to be looked at as the guy who will take this company to the next level. I want to become the face of The WWE. I want people to think of The WWE and think of The Miz. I need to become bigger than John Cena, bigger than The Rock, bigger than Stone Cold. If you’re in The WWE and beating them isn’t your ultimate goal, you shouldn’t even be here.”