The Rock Gives Away WM Tickets, Report On Lita At WWE Axxess

— Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came through on his promise to award WrestleMania XXVII tickets to lucky fans.

At noon Central time, he tweeted, “Go to corner of Northside and Ivan Allen – Exxon gas station. Go to the entrance door and shout “I Bring It”.. I’ll see you and come out..”

Within minutes he was swarmed by fans. He posted a photo of himself with the lucky winners here.

— Former WWE Women’s Champion Lita appeared at yesterday’s WrestleMania Axxess session on behalf of Project 9-6-1, an Atlanta based radio station. According to a fan who met her, she didn’t appear too happy to be there — unlike the other stars who appeared.

“She was clearly not happy about being there,” a fan who met her wrote. “While she smiled for pictures you could just tell she was ready to get out. When it was my turn I asked her if she missed this and she said ‘not really.”

Photos of Lita at WrestleMania Axxess ->