The Rock Makes Forbes Magazine 100 Most Powerful Celebrity List

– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has made Forbes Magazine’s list of the 100 most powerful celebrities in the world. has an article up looking at The Rock being one of the most bankable action movie star in the world (having grossed over $2.3 billion) and his reputation for saving movie franchises (Fast and Furious, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and now GI Joe).

Forbes estimates that The Rock made over $36 million over the last 12 months – and it doesn’t specify if that includes the millions (and millions) he’s made from working with WWE and main eventing their pay-per-view of all time, WrestleMania 28.

The article states that movie producers love The Rock’s willingness to travel in order to promote his movie, which Rock crdits to his wrestling background.

“That’s the wonderful part about being in this business. I love knowing the audience and listening to the audience. Oh, and kicking a little ass, too,” Rock said.

Rock also noted he and his manager, ex-wife Dany Garcia, changed their approach to Rock’s wrestling background. “It reached a point where I felt that ­instead of me trying to conform to Hollywood, I needed to have ­Hollywood conform to me and ­embrace my past,” says Johnson.

The article states that The Rock’s former management team forced him to stop talking about wrestling – and his decision to return to WWE included firing those same agents.

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