The Rock Planning Second Book, Mahoney Banned From NWS

— New Jersey based independent wrestling league National Wrestling Superstars announced that they would no longer work with promotion regular Balls Mahoney due to the former WWE star’s penchant for “self destructive childish behavior.”

Their statement reads: “WWE Alumni and Samoan superstar Manu will take the place of John “Balls” Mahoney on the National Wrestling Superstars Saturday, July 23rd Island Heights Fire Company card. The change, due to Balls Mahoney’s penchant for self destructive childish behavior and non cooperative and just all out assinine nature has become over the past two years more the norm rather than not. NWS as always wishes to please its many fans but washes its hands dealing with Mr. Mahoney on all future engagements. A sad statement indeed as Balls was always a welcome addition to the NWS roster for many many years.”

— Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed this morning on Twitter that he has a second autobiography in the works.

“On flight to NY to meet w publishers for my next book. (2nd autobiography),” he wrote. “The goal: Inspire. Share. Entertain.”

His first autobiography, The Rock Says…, was released in 2000 and debuted at number one on The New York Times Best Seller list.

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