The Rock Speaks On WWE Return, Jericho Compliments Rock & More

ABC News is featuring a article about WrestleMania 28 next weekend. In the article, The Rock revealed the reason for his return to WWE.

“I came back to put on the biggest match of all time,” said Rock. “That’s all I want to do. There’s no one I can do that with right now other than John [Cena]. He’s far and above everyone else in terms of popularity. He’s the guy. Is he Stone Cold? No. Is he Hogan? No. But he is John Cena and he’s been on top for a long time now.

“They know that I’m back, not for money, not because I like being on the road, but because I love the business.The energy level is different this time around, the connection is more emotional this time around.”

While Rock was speaking with ABC, he was approached by Sheamus.

“Great match on Friday,” Rock told Sheamus. “I texted Chris (Jericho) on Friday. You guys killed it. That boot at the end, that was awesome.”

“Thank you, Rock,” replied Sheamus.

The Rock also received a spirited endorsement from Chris Jericho.

“I know just how much firepower Rock has,” Jericho said. “I think people forget sometimes how good he is.”

ABC also spoke to the other half of next Sunday’s mega-match.

“We’ve been griping like two little kids now for about a year,” said John Cena. “Now, everybody wants to see us fight.

“He wants to be No. 1, so do I. So go at it boys, and see what happens.”

Rock’s match with Cena is not likely to be his last in WWE, as Rock has expressed interest in wrestling at next year’s mega-event. When asked if he would face Brock Lesnar, Rock replied, “I’m not saying a thing… I didn’t say anything.”