The Rock Talks About Needing Police Protection From Stalkers

During an interview with to hype the release of his new movie “Journey 2,” The Rock reveals that he requires police protection every few months because of stalkers. Rock said:

“I go through cycles – it comes about every eight to ten months where I have a stalker fan that starts to require the local police to get involved, and it’s interesting because they’re generally women who eventually just want some attention. It’s the pecs (laughs),”

Despite all the crazy women who take their love of The Rock 3 or 4 steps too far, Rock said he did not have any problems when filming Journey 2 in Hawaii, where he grew up:

“But in Hawaii (where “Journey 2″ was filmed), the fans are just wonderful. I grew up there, and personally it was such a pleasure to bring our movie there, what it did for the locals and the local businesses in Hawaii was just my way of giving back.”