The Rock Talks If He’ll Miss WrestleMania, GI Joe 2, Lesnar & More

The Rock took part in a Q&A session on his Twitter account this afternoon. Here are some highlights:

GI Joe 2 being pushed to WrestleMania week in 2013: “Yup, we pushed GI JOE to March. We wanted to turn a very good movie into an awesome movie! Working w/ Bruce Willis on GI JOE was a f’n blast. We kick ass and save the world very well together.”

If GI Joe 2 being moved to WrestleMania week affects his return: “It may bud. Not sure right now. We’re all trying to work it out though.”

One person that he would have liked to have wrestled that he never did: “Would’ve loved to have wrestled Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage. I idolized his in ring work & mic skills. What charisma..”

Brock Lesnar: “I loved wrestling Brock Lesnar. We had epic matches. He’s my good bud and one of meanest SOB’s walking.”

His upcoming film, Hercules: “Can’t wait to start HERCULES. My look for it will be lean, mean & muscular – as the semi-God should be.”