The Rock’s “Fast Five”, SD Star Gets New Theme, Superstars

– The Rock’s “Fast Five” was listed as the single most-pirated movie of 2011 with an estimated 9.3 million downloads worldwide.

– Matches for today’s WWE Superstars are Tyson Kidd vs. Jinder Mahal, Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty and Brie Bella vs. WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix.

– Several readers sent word that Wade Barrett had a new theme song when he came out for the dark main event against Randy Orton after Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings. A new theme for Barrett has been in the works for a few weeks now.

– The current WWE audience by age looks like this – 22% is between the ages of 2-17, 23% is between the ages of 18-34, 26% is between the ages of 35-49 and 30% is age 50 or older.