The Rock’s Opening Video For The NBA Playoffs, ESPN Analyst Recalls Meeting Ric Flair, More

– In a recent interview, ESPN analyst Stuart Scott told that Ric Flair was “in the category of people I’ve met that “I was awestruck by.”

“I remember about a decade ago at a golf tournament I met Ric Flair,” Scott said. “And he knew who I was, and that just blew me away. There are so many athletes that I meet. A lot of the guys I know now. When I mention some of the people I’ve met to the younger generation, they’re like, ‘That’s so cool!’ But to me they’re my peers. If they’re good guys, they’re good guys.

When Ric Flair walked up to me and said, ‘Hey Stuart Scott, I love your work,’ I got excited! Even though I’m an adult Ric Flair came from my childhood. I used to love when Ricky Steamboat would beat him down.”

You can check out the rest of the interview here.

– Ric Flair was featured in the “Gone Fishing” segment of Inside the NBA with the Charlette Bobcats.

– In the video below is the opening footage for the 2013 NBA Playoffs on TNT featuring The Rock.