The Rock’s Status For WWE RAW Reunion, David Arquette’s In-Ring Future

– At this time, The Rock is not expected to be part of next week’s RAW Reunion. While he’d be able to promote Hobbs & Shaw, The Rock’s schedule is believed to be full right now. There is still talk about The Rock being part of Smackdown’s debut on FOX.

– Former WCW World Champion David Arquette will be teaming with Brian Anthony to go against current NEW Tag Team Champions Keith Youngblood and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. In an interview with, Arquette discussed the match which takes place on Friday, August 16th in Poughkeepsie, NY:

“My body isn’t holding up. My neck keeps going out, my back keeps going out. I love wrestling and I love meeting the fans. And you can’t half-time anything in wrestling. If you’re not all-in on training, you won’t be ready to take those bumps.

But Lawler is one of those people who think I was a disgrace to wrestling. I’m not the kid who won the belt 19 years ago. I’ve trained, I’ve put in the time, I’ve paid my dues. I have something to prove against Jerry Lawler.”