The Shield & Fandango Flown To WWE Raw, Latest On The Rock’s Surgery, Mick Foley’s Haircut

The Shield

– The segment on RAW last night where The Shield arrived in a helicopter was real footage as they had to fly from the SmackDown live event in Cardiff, Wales to make it to RAW. Fandango and Summer Rae were also on the helicopter but obviously not shown. To get Fandango and The Shield to RAW in time, they worked the first and second matches at the SmackDown live event. The Shield lost to Sheamus and The New Age Outlaws while Fandango defeated Ted DiBiase.

– The Rock will likely be having his surgery within the next two days or so.

– Mick Foley tweeted the following about his unusual haircut on last night’s RAW:

“And, no, I’m not feathering or perming my hair. Just a haircut that didn’t go very well. Now sporting a #FoleyBob”

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