The Smark’s Remarks: WWE No Way Out Predictions

Our No Way Out Predictions are here! This month I’m joined by Mike Lightning, KP, and Jace D. Ace. I’m really excited to have this team put together to do our monthly predictions! The card has seven matches total, so let’s get to it!

YouTube Pre-Show Match:
Brodus Clay vs. David Otunga

ML: So, David Otunga gets the tall task of trying to end Brodus Clay’s “undefeated” streak since his return. It seems that these pre-show matches continually decline in match quality and this one is no different. Brodus has really struggled moving around the ring since his return and Otunga can’t wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag.
Prediction: Brodus Clay

KP: David Otunga attacked Brodus Clay to hype up a YouTube Pre-Show Match? He’s(Otunga) losing anyway; no chance in hell in my opinion.

JDA: Seriously WWE? I’m sick of both of these guys getting pushed. Someone just send them to TNA where they belong.
Ace’s Pick: Brodus Clay
I’ve been away from the TV for a bit, but this match can go either one of two ways, either Otunga’s gonna get DQ’ed or Brodus is gonna get a pinfall. He’s been unbeatable and it’s really quite sickening.

JT: The audience will clear out if this thing goes longer than five minutes. You have a guy that wrestles short squashes with a limited moveset against a guy that can’t wrestle to save his life. Hopefully WWE doesn’t book Brodus’ streak to end against Otunga just because of the kayfabe MCL tear, but I could see it going either way. Despite the injury, I predict Brodus to win this match.

Divas Champion Layla vs. Beth Phoenix

ML: As nice as it is to see the Divas Division get some time on a PPV, it’s not nice seeing the same people repeatedly. Beth can wrestle, I enjoy watching her wrestle. Layla is a great athlete would can also wrestle. But after watching some of the other shows the WWE puts on, they actually have talented women’s wrestlers. How about someone else other than Beth Phoenix in the title picture? I feel like she’s replaced Kelly Kelly in that role.
Prediction: Layla to retain the Divas Title

KP: Part of me really doesn’t care for the match. Recently Beth pinned Layla in a tag match so I will expect Layla’s victory considering she recently won the title.

JDA: Looking forward to this one even though it wasn’t stellar but it was still better than most Divas matches are, but at least they’re trying to prove that the Divas can wrestle.
Ace’s Pick: Layla
I feel they’re going to keep the belt on her for a while. Beth had a great run, but Vince thinks that people are tired of seeing her squash people. Myself, yes even I am tired of it, and I’m a Phoenix mark. I feel they’re going to strengthen the Divas division with even more talented female wrestlers and then we’re gonna see things shake up more.

JT: Layla has had a good run with the title, and I don’t think this is a good ppv to end that streak on. We’ve all read the recent rumors about Kharma being ready to come back, but that can happen to set up Summerslam. I predict Layla to retain her title.

Non-Title(as of right now) Tuxedo Match:
WWE United States Champion Santino Marella vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

ML: The object is to strip your opponent of their tuxedo and you win. Great concept. There’s nothing better than watching two grown men strip each other down to their under-tuxedo wear. Anyways, this match was added for pure comedy purposes. These mesh well together in the comedy routines and this “match” shouldn’t be any different.
Prediction: Santino Marella
QuickNote: I almost went against the grain here and picked Ricardo just because Ricardo has been humilated by Santino in recent weeks. But that’s really all Ricardo’s current job description is anyways. I’m looking forward to see a Selena Gomez shirt.

KP: Santino and Ricardo, I expect a lot of comedy and less wrestling. It should be a fun match. Santino wins, Ricardo will be stripped…I threw up in my mouth a little just now.

JDA: This is gonna be a joke, but perhaps we’ll get to see some golden moments. Santino’s a solid wrestler, and Ricardo is in FCW. I’d like to see more Ricardo in ring especially if WWE is lukewarm on Del Rio due to being so injury prone, I don’t want this to be Ricardo’s downfall.
Ace’s Pick: Ricardo Rodriguez (as new champ?)
How do you build up a newbie, especially with a (worthless) belt? Give it to them in a comic relief match. Eventually this belt will be united with the Intercontinental, so I’m not putting much value in it myself.

JT: You have to be ready for some slapstick filler here. It should be a funny segment, but I hope it’s not dragged out too long. Santino will win it.

Intercontinental Champion Christian vs. Cody Rhodes

ML: If the rumors are true about Rhodes being moved up into the World/WWE Title picture, then this match should be an easy pick, right? Well, not so fast. The WWE has done this sort of thing before, they just recently did with Big Show. And look where his push landed him and he only held the IC Title for a month. I’m not 100% what winning the IC Title for a third time would do for Rhodes, currently, but it’s a possibility they could have him become the first dual champion since the Ultimate Warrior held both the IC and WWE Titles at the same time.
Prediction: Christian to retain the IC Title
QuickNote: I know, I spent that analysis talking up Rhodes. But it’s a scenario, I’d like to see. That I won’t. Mainly, because the I don’t think WWE Creative is smart enough to book something that way.

KP: One of these guys really have to move onto the main event scene and I think it will be Cody Rhodes, could be him winning the Money in the Bank next month or getting the title shot against Sheamus. Christian just got put back into the fray and is in the midcard. Christian wins then Cody moves on.

JDA: How do you elevate a rising star further? Have him work great matches with people who can really make them shine. Christian said that he has no problem putting young talent over, which leads me to believe that this feud may just continue on to Summerslam or even go back and forth (on a side note, I’m INSANELY pleased that Christian returned as a face and stopped the pathetic “one more match” whiner gimmick)
Ace’s Pick: Christian to retain
I’m just setting it up this way because either the feud will continue or Cody will go onto the next step. WWE creative has their heads up their asses thinking they don’t have enough “top tier” talent because they certainly have it in Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler (more on that later)

JT: I just watched these two wrestle an awesome match at a live event Friday night. Cody has his sights set on the main event scene, but I’m not sure how WWE plans to use Christian after his rivalry with Rhodes. They could really book this either way, but I’m going to be bold and predict a third IC Title reign for Rhodes beginning at No Way Out. Rhodes will win the match, and I believe he will do what he’s talked about doing and become the World Champion while holding the IC Title.

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

ML: FINALLY! Ziggler in the World Title picture. Unfortunately, it took a Chris Jericho “suspension” and a Randy Orton, real-life suspension, to make this happen. But the fact they put Ziggler in the title over anyone else, already makes me a happy fan. We’ve seen Sheamus have Ziggler’s number over the last couple weeks over Smackdown and Raw. And with Sheamus’ current SuperFace status in full throttle, it’s going to be hard to imagine the World Title swtiching hands. Ziggler is one of the hardest workers the WWE has, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he deserves to be here. This match has potential to steal the show written all over it.
Prediction: Dolph Ziggler to become the New World Heavyweight Champion.
QuickNote: I don’t expect Ziggler to win clean. I mean, how many SuperFaces in the past have you known to lose clean (i.e. look at Cena’s track record). My theory behind this title change is that Jericho returns and costs Sheamus the match. And in turn, receives a World Title shot from Ziggler for helping him win. This will spark a summer feud between Sheamus and Jericho and when Orton returns, a Orton-Ziggler feud, coming to a close at SummerSlam.

KP: Sheamus against Dolph Ziggler will be a match that will likely outshine anything Del Rio and Sheamus would have done. It will likely be the single’s match of the night no doubt in my mind. Sheamus will retain the title; if he loses the title then that means WWE was planning on taking the title off him and giving it to Del Rio.

JDA: FINALLY! Dolph gets another shot at the WHC. Del Rio’s concussion couldn’t have come at a better time. Let’s face it, his character’s boring. They should repackage him or let him go because the crowd just isn’t feeling it and neither is this #smark. On to the match at hand. This is going to be a proving ground for Zigs and Sheamus to see how good of a program they can give us. I feel that Zigs really can run with the belt and make a hell of a great name for himself as the top heel on Smackdown if WWE will let him. Sheamus has really done a great job becoming one of the company’s top babyfaces. They just need to stop booking him like they booked Cena.
Ace’s Pick: Sheamus to retain
I’d love to see Zigs win the belt, but this is going to be the straw that breaks Zig’s back in terms of Vickie Guererro. He’s going to ditch her after she costs him the match.

JT: This is going to be an awesome World Title match. Sheamus has played the dominant champion role very well, and I don’t think taking the title off him at the moment makes any sense. Dolph has earned this shot and I’d honestly be happy if he was booked to win, but right now I’m picking Sheamus to retain the title.

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane – Triple Threat Match

ML: I was ecstatic that they left AJ off the first PPV match between DBry and Punk. Now, if they left her out of this match, it wouldn’t feel right. This storyline has had more twists and turns thn a soap opera and I don’t expect this match to be any different. A lot of speculations and talk amongst the IWC believes that AJ is going to help DBry win the WWE Title to gain “approval” from him. I actually think that’s too predictable. I imagine that her involvement in this match, will distract and confuse Kane a lot. And with rumors circulating that Big Show and CM Punk are slated for a SummerSlam match(awful, by the way, if it happens), makes be believe that the IWC is on to something.
Prediction: CM Punk to retain the WWE Title
QuickNote: I originally picked Daniel Bryan for this match, because recently AJ has been a bad luck charm for whoever she’s “involved” with. The 18 second loss at WrestleMania for DBry and twice on Raw with CM Punk. But I feel like this might be the one time it actually works. I think Punk pins Kane, AJ’s “help” backfires on Kane which will lead to a DBry and Punk WWE Title Match at Money in the Bank.

KP: CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane: They have worked very hard in the last month, especially Kane he’s been having good matches. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will have 5 star quality matches ‘til the end of time. AJ adds a special crazy feel to the match that is perfect for the men involved. CM Punk though imo will come out once again in victory, this could be also a chance for Bryan to steal the WWE Championship from Punk but I will keep that idea for the next time these two go toe to toe. Kane also could have a chance, it can go either way but I say Punk.

JDA: CM Punk v. Daniel Bryan v. Kane
Honestly, I have no clue why Kane is even in this match. The wild card is AJ of course. This had potential to be another classic between Punk & Bryan, but WWE, afraid of things being to stale, decided to shake things up a bit. Needless to say (so I’m saying it anyway) I’m not impressed.
Ace’s Pick: CM Punk to retain.
If there’s going to be a title shakeup, it’s not going to be this match. Punk-Bryan is going to continue straight through to Summerslam.

JT: This will be an incredible triple threat match. The only thing about it that I could see changing is that it could become a no dq match and give more of an advantage to the heels. You know AJ will be involved in the match, and I really think the title could change hands at this event. However, I feel like WWE is trying to trick fans with those “fake deleted CM Punk tweets” about not being happy with the boss and that is why I was so close to predicting CM Punk to retain the WWE Championship in this match. I can’t do it. He’s had a long enough run, and officially predicting Daniel Bryan to become the new WWE Champion.

Steel Cage Match:
If John Cena wins, John Laurinaitis is fired.
If Big Show wins, John Cena is fired.
John Cena vs. Big Show

ML: Clearly the stipulations make anyone believe that Cena will get win. Only because, the WWE doesn’t “fire” their biggest star. But I have a little different theory behind this match. We’ve seen Cena get “fired” before only to be brought back under some kind of weird circumstances. JL has been one of the biggest heels the company has seen in a while and draws major heat. Not to mention, some kind of weird cult “people power” following. John Cena lost cleanly to The Rock, and then beat Brock Lesnar. The Rock is clearly a bigger star than Big Show, so how would the WWE make this happen where it’s virtually impossible to NOT have a clean finish in a Steel Cage?
Prediction: John Cena
QuickNote: JL will remain on TV in some sort of role. Not exactly what role that will be. Even with the “John Cena could get fired” stipulation, I almost picked Big Show, because the WWE could use the Cena “fired” storyline to finally give him time off considering he’s wrestling and performing more banged up than ever. Don’t see that happening with Vince still running the company.

KP: John Cena and Big Show match has to be the most overbooked match in a while. If Show loses, John Laurinaitis is fired. If Cena loses, he’s fired. Laurinaitis at ringside, McMahon was going to be at ringside but he got clocked. This match went from Big Show’s easy win to a giant mess. I’m expecting Big Show to win though Cena could win and Johnny will stay on TV in some capacity. Sticking with the Show.

JDA: Both men John & John’s careers are both on the line with this one and Mr. McMahon will be at ringside through it all. Honestly, I could care less how this match ends. I have a feeling that Cena will finally get to go on vacation after this match due to the messy nature of the divorce. I think McMahon will cost Cena the match actually and shock the crowd with a nice big classic “YOU’RRRRRE FIIIIIIIIRRRRRREEDDD!!!!!!!!”
Ace’s Pick: Big Show (after interference of course)

JT: This match will be more about the gimmick of McMahon and JL at ringside. I predict John Cena to win and for JL to be fired.Teddy Long will get Smackdown back and William Regal will become the GM of Raw once again; All will be right with the world(this is pure sarcasm based on the rumors Regal started on twitter after his appearance in Vince’s office on Raw).

Closing thoughts:

Lightning: Alberto Del Rio’s injury could be a blessing in disguise for the WWE with this PPV. Dolph Ziggler being added to the match against Sheamus is an immediate upgrade and wrestling fans know it. And the crowd does to, as evident by the Ziggler chants in the crowd on Monday during that Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match. And it’s still possible that Big Show and Daniel Bryan could walk away victorious. We’ve seen crazier things in the WWE. I mean, Daniel Bryan was originally supposed to win the WWE Title back at Over the Limit. We never know. But this card looks pretty solid and should be entertaining.

KP: Triple H addressing Brock Lesnar – I hope he’s actually there or at least Heyman or even both of them. Otherwise it may be a snoozefest or similar to Paul E’s first appearance. I expect a brawl.

Ace: And that’s it for me. This card isn’t entirely stellar, but hey, we’ve still got Money in the Bank and Summerslam to look forward to, as well as many returning talents from injury who are bound to get pushed into that big title scene (Rey Mysterio and Wade Barrett to name a few.) So the next two months should be pretty exciting. That’s the Ace’s View! Read more from myself and the rest of the #Smark crew at

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