The Undertaker Confirmed For Wizard World, Randy Orton Knocks Fan (Photo)

– The Undertaker will make his Wizard World convention debut at the Austin, Texas event on Friday, October 3rd from 4:30pm until 8:30pm. Taker will sign autographs and take photos with fans.

– Randy Orton tweeted the following this weekend, which is a photo of he and a fan. Orton refers to the fan as Ms. Piggy.

  • angelicxdevil

    By the way people, @KimKlro is his girlfriend’s new twitter. Let’s make fun of her right now!!!!!

  • CMP

    Huh. Orton’s kind of a piece of shit isn’t he?

  • Lishia Rolbiecki

    As a kid I was bullied and called Miss Piggy. It pains me to see a @WWE superstar resort to such childish behavior towards a fan. Regardless if the fan behaved badly towards Randy or his girlfriend and heel or not, Randy and his girlfriend should be setting the example and acting like adults, not like 10 year olds. And what does this say about WWE’s partnership with Be A Star? I hope they don’t plan to use Orton on any Be A Star events any time soon. It’s one thing to be a bully/heel inside the ring…it’s another to be one outside the ring. Bad form Randy. I’ve totally lost respect for you as a human being.

  • Tim

    So this “fan” has been harrassing randys gf on social media for months. i am suprised he even took a photo with her in the first place… she is clearly a stalker

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Dat Fake Smile

  • Marck-WWEDivas

    It sounds so ilogic that Randy Orton acted like a bully with that Fan, because WWE have a partneship with Be A Star a gruop who is trying to avoid bullyIng. Randy Orton and His Girlfriend acted like dickheads.

  • BenDeccos

    Ya’ll people make me laugh…seriously…You all know that in the privacy of you own homes you people bag on everyone you dont like. Cant say you dont because you do. You do it there because you feel comfortable doing w/o repercussions. So what he bagged on the Ms Piggy look alike. Id do it too if she stalked me and my girl. You people are just to sensitive…lol is it going to make you stop watching wrestling I highly doubt it. So whats the difference between everyone saying he sucks wish he break something wish hed quit…etc…and this. Oh its because you said it and not him…c’mon now people I for a fact that 80%+ of you have talked shit about your neighbor and 99% of you that actually watch Wrestling had wished for him or even another wrestling to to retire or get hurt. Quit getting butt hurt of something so stupid like this. I back him up on this because Id talk shit to anyone harassing my lady or myself and so would any of you. So would most of you…so before you throw you first stone on this think about what you would do in his shoes. Take the high road…ya right…ya’ll quick to jump his shit fo this and it got nothing to with you so ya…hypocrites….lol

  • thatpj

    Sting may just get his wish…