The Undertaker To Face Braun Strowman At WWE WrestleMania 32?

– Rumors have surfaced online that according to a source within WWE, the company has plans for Braun Strowman to face Big Show at Fastlane and beat him, which will then lead to a WrestleMania showdown with The Undertaker.

Dave Meltzer has spoken at length in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter about WWE making plans for The Undertaker to face John Cena at the event. However, those plans were scrapped with Cena’s recent shoulder injury and surgery. With a lack of top level opponents for “The Deadman,” it seems the choice has been made to go with the huge monster of the Wyatt Family.

During the early days of his career, The Undertaker would often work with opponents larger than him, such as Giant Gonzalez and King Kong Bundy. This, however, would result in lackluster bouts which The Deadman himself has said he wasn’t fond of (in interviews in the early 2000s when he was the “American Bad Ass”).

While it’s always possible they decide to take a different route, as of right now, Taker versus Strowman apparently appears likely to take place on April 3, 2016, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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  • Rob

    Talk to Sting, of he’s able, set that up. I promise more people wanna see that than Strowman v Taker.

    • Godzig Mcbane

      I’m pretty sure more people want to see JBL masturbate on Cole then this crap…

      • WWE Creative

        We can’t wait to tell Vince about your idea, he will be trilled.

        • Godzig Mcbane

          finally something worth watching!! While youre at it why not give us a twofor and give The Undertaker gold one last time… its high time the fans have something they can actually cheer for.

    • WWE Creative

      Sting vs Taker? we don’t like to give the fans what they want. Strowman vs Taker, match of year. It will win a slammy, trust me.

    • pancho

      Yes, let’s watch Sting in a wheelchair vs. Undertaker with a cane. Sounds awesome. Sign me up.

      • pancho

        Loser has to give up their depends match! Make it HAPPEN!

  • Laurence

    Mania is looking terrible right now. Lesnar/Wyatt, Strowman/Taker, Reigns/HHH, probably some tag team 4 way… the only possible saving grace could be an AJ Styles/Dean Ambrose/Kevin Owens/Jericho 4 way cluster fuck.

    I’d also like to see WWE hear the crowd and have HHH beat Reigns and wait to drop the title to a returning face Rollins.

    • WWE Creative

      Do you really think anybody wants to see AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose vs adrian neville in a money in the bank ladder match? NO, now Strowman vs Taker, now that’s a match.

  • Rob

    Literally no one wants to see this…

    • Godzig Mcbane

      Couldn’t agree more.. id rather watch reigns win the belt over and over and over.. and that is a special kind of Hell so that should say a lot… The Undertaker deserves a match that is at least somewhat on his level and braun isn’t good enough to lick The Deadmans boots.. least of all co headline a mania!!

      • WWE Creative

        Reigns winning the belt over and over again? Now you are giving us some good ideas. Ratings through the roof, Aj Styles who?

    • WWE Creative

      Everybody wants to see this match. Its a draw. Finn Balor whom?

  • Sam Savage

    FFS, just book Undertaker against Sheamus or Del Rio. At least, those would be good matches!

    • Godzig Mcbane

      you know… I’m not a del rio kind of fan but its better then the rumors floating about… and Shaemus not really a bad idea either… hell Kevin Owens would make a good match too… enough with the wyatt family BullS**t!! how many times must The Undertaker decimate these fools before WWE realizes its BORING

  • RReignsSIXTEEN #BL #BossSB

    To hell with thattt!

  • Andy

    Eh…Braun is a typically clumsy big man…not thrilled with this

  • Armadillo_KSA

    At first it was reported that Strowman would face Lesnar and now Taker. It seems that they want to push him so hard and I don’t know why. Nevertheless, he would lose either of those matches so his push will go nowhere regardless of how good he looks against either one.

  • AWO 4 Life

    I guess Vince’s wet dream of giant guys doesn’t include ability to wrestle?

  • VenomSnake421

    Taker beating another young guy (whos not talented btw) does nothing.

    • WWE Creative

      We have been thinking of adding the great khali in the mix, Triple treat ….

  • Ice Trey

    Taker vs Balor

    Jesus, This shit writes itself.

    • WWE Creative

      He isn’t Ready yet, he cant draw.

      • Ice Trey

        I saw the comment and instantly got irratated. Then I saw the name and realized how true it was

  • jmull

    Boorrrring, Boorrrrring!

  • Shivane Ramani

    no please no… vince is one ignorant jackass who started this injury curse with all the live events taking all these tolls… this is why wrestle mania 32 might not be as good as the past 2 wrestle manias….Im more pumped for nxt takeover dallas

  • Godzig Mcbane

    this has already been proved to be total bullshit.. it was some guy running his mouth.. and that’s good because The Undertaker deserves a hella lot more then another lame ass wyatt match… give the Deadman gold finally!!

  • pancho

    Honestly, I dont give a shit who is against Taker. Should have retired long ago.

  • Bryson Deluca

    I think Kevin Owens should face taker. it would be a great way to push Kevin back into the main event scene. since that brief run with Cena and a forgettable IC title run I thinl it would be beneficial.

  • Saransh Walia

    Exactly nobody wants to see this kind of match at wrestlemania

  • Center1571

    Wrestlemania 2016:
    20 Man Battle Royal:
    Big Show, Kane, Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Titus O’Neill, The Ascension, Tyler Breeze, Damien Sandown, Sin Cara, Ryback, Goldust, Stardust, Rhino, Surprise Entry
    Women’s #1 Contender Three Way:
    Becky Lynch vs Paige vs Nikki Bella

    Intercontinental Title Ladder Match:
    Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho

    8 Man Tag Match:
    League of Nations vs Social Misfits

    Unites States Title Match:
    Kalisto vs Daniel Bryan

    Singles Match:
    Sting vs Tommy Dreamer

    Singles Match:
    Aj Styles vs Kevin Owens

    Tag Team Title Extreme Rules Match:
    The New Day vs The Usos vs The Dudley Boys vs Luke Harper and Braun Stroman

    Woman’s Title Match:
    Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

    Steel Cage Match:
    Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt

    Heavyweight Title Match with Kurt Angle guest referee :
    Triple H vs Roman Reigns

    Main Event:
    Undertaker vs The Rock