The Undertaker vs. John Cena At WWE WrestleMania 30: Reasons It Should Happen

14-time World Champion John Cena met his match for WrestleMania XXX some time ago. The question is, will the match actually, or ever, take place?

Let’s go back in time a few years to the November 16, 2009 episode of RAW. It was here The Undertaker executed his tombstone piledriver on Cena in front of a packed Madison Square Garden audience. Those on hand sprung to their feet with excitement as Taker planted his West Newberry native peer on his head. The result was a booming eruption from the capacity crowd, yet they all left the world famous arena wondering why it happened.

We only assume the attack was for reasons greater than making jaws drop.

The obvious verdict was foreshadowing, planting seeds for a future confrontation with similar results.

Rumors have been running rampant regarding Undertaker’s next Mania opponent. Brock Lesnar has been mentioned most. The possibility of a “Dream Match” against Sting has gotten more than its fair share of chatter, and rightfully so. Rekindling his feud with Batista got its mentions as well. There were even reports Undertaker requested a program with Daniel Bryan.

John Cena faced his share of megastar opponents en route to cementing his place in WWE history. The multi-time champion from Massachusetts has locked up and defeated such greats as Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Big Show, and, most recently, The Rock on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Yet no one is better on that grandest stage than The Undertaker.

With a current record of 21-0 at WWE’s premier Pay Per View event, and having defeated Batista, Edge, Michaels and Triple H (two times each), and CM Punk in his past seven Mania matches, who’d make a better twenty-second adversary than franchise Superstar, John Cena? Naturally those Sting and Lesnar arguments are profoundly audible.

Here’s a better question: Who else would fans care to see Cena challenge? Both popular in their own circles, Cena and Undertaker have never squared off at this level, and Cena is clearly no stranger to mixed crowd reactions no matter the event. Cheers and boos often ring out across arena crowds simultaneously. Those conflicting opinions energize an audience.

When Undertaker faced Michaels at The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania the crowd was visibly split. Some hollered for The Deadman to remain undefeated while others were vocally willing HBK to do what no other professional wrestler had been able. Those fans in attendance believed Michaels could actually be the one to blemish The Undertaker’s perfect record.

The same would happen if Undertaker faced Cena. WWE obviously knows this. A match against Brock Lesnar would likely be a solid one. Taker facing Sting would be a dream come true. Heck, why not throw the insidious Bray Wyatt into the conversation too. Each of the aforementioned aside, especially Sting, Cena could very well be the best possible WrestleMania XXX opponent for Taker.

Looking back again, there is only one clear reason why The Undertaker executed his tombstone finisher on John Cena. It was to compose a message. For more than four years the writing has since been on the wall.

Quite possibly, though, WWE may never finish reading it to us.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

  • TheUndertaker21

    The Undertaker SHOULD Face Cena at WM before he retires, because it does not make sense to have that great streak without beating the one who’s wwe’s face for more than 10 years! so YES, I like to see Taker Beating Cena and I hope to see that match before Taker Retires!

    • Hosep

      You think WWE would let Taker beat Cena? I am all for the match, as much as I would love to see Taker retire with the streak, I don’t think it will happen, especially if Cena is in the picture…

      • TheUndertaker21

        well I doubt that, as the wwe writers are bunch of shits, and I doubt Vince, but I will repeat JR’s thought about this, NO ONE has the Right to Break the streak of The Undertaker. and I really really hope to see him Retire with that Unbroken Streak.

  • George Solorio

    I think WWE is waiting for the right opportunity, but I think its set in everyones sights that when undertaker is ready to ride off then Cena will be the last one. I just hope it happens next year because Mania will be in Santa Clara about three hours away from my home!

  • Sam Whittle

    John Cena v The Undertaker – l Quit Match

    “Never Give up” vs. The Streak

    Who wins?

  • Bryan Thomas

    Doesn’t need to happen . Wwe need to put young talent over NOW. Let lesnar or sting face taker, but cena need to to face bray wyatt. Because honestly, alot of the newer guys are not even over with the fans. So now is the time to focus on them. You never know, one of the the veterans might suffer a serious injury, and then what? You have shuffle and try to give someone a quick push?

  • Bryan Thomas

    Plus if anyone should end the streak, it should at least be someone whom the win will further their career. John cena has nothing to gain from this. And if cena were to end the streak, it won’t put him over with fans.

  • Mike

    We all know that Takers streak is not going to be broken so I really don’t care who he wrestles anymore.Taker should win the belt sometime this year and retire on top. Don’t get me wrong I AM NOT HATING ON TAKER BUT HIS TIME IS UP HIS BODY IS DONE AND WWE DOES NOT HAVE TIME TO DO A GOOD STORY LINE THAT WOULD MAKE SENSE FOR MANIA XXX.IF 2 YEARS FROM NOW OR HELL MAYBE A YEAR THE ONLY ONE THAT WOULD MAKE SENSE IS ROMAN BE HE IS STILL BUILDING A FOLLOWING.

  • mhshow21

    Who ever wrote this does know that taker has beaten Hhh 3 times and mania not just 2!!! Wm 17,27,28! And yes they will do cena vs taker no doubt about it, sting needs to be the one to happen this year I’d say cena taker wm 32 in Dallas

    • JW

      He meant he has defeated HHH twice in the past seven Manias.

  • Geronimo Jerry Cantu

    Cena mentioned some time ago In 2011 that he would like to face the deadman at wrestlemania 30! It should happen obviously but cena should take the plunge and taker streak should still go undefeated!

  • Ali

    If Cena broke takers streak he might as well turn heel because he will be booed even more than he is now. Whatever they do please dont have michael cole doing wrestlemania. For any michael cole narrated event take a shot everytime he says vintage, you might end up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

  • Ryan McWrasstlin’

    John Cena vs The Undertaker in the main event of WrestleMania 31 would make sense. I know it’s another year to wait and all but it make perfect sense. ‘Taker beats Lesnar, establishing The Streak as the most dominant possession in Wrestling history. This sets up a massive match.

  • josh

    If any one belongs in that match its cena. Your talk about one of the only biggest names in the wwe. Plus the fact thats that hes probably one of the only guys thats been in the ring with undertaker in that locker room. Also who ever said that him winning that match would be pointless because it wouldnt mean anything…. thats dead wrong who ever beats the deadman on the grandest stage of them all will be immortalised and to give this shot to anyone else would be a waste of time. Im not saying taker should lose the streak is truly the greatest part about the ppv but for john not to get a shot would just leave alot of question .if that match never happed taker is gettin up there in years . Likeof could he of done it would he have done it or could taker really put cena down idk…. but id really like to find out

  • Mohammed Vega

    under taker must face john cena,and i like to see taker defeating john cena

  • Mohammed Vega

    under taker must face john cena,and i like to see taker defeating john cena, and cena is nothing in front of the great under taker