The Undertaker’s Status For WrestleMania, Actual Royal Rumble Attendance

– Dave Meltzer of noted the following regarding The Undertaker’s status for Wrestlemania 35:

“They have a top of the card lined up, not the whole card, but they got the top of the card done and he’s not in that. That doesn’t mean that he can’t be added. So I mean as far as the rumors, I can’t imagine The Undertaker in a nothing match. I think he’s either in a big match or he’s not there at all and right now he’s not in a big match.”

“Can that change next week? Of course, it can so I would say it’s up in the air. You can say that there are no plans I can say as of four or five days ago he’s not listed for the card.”

– WWE announced 48,193 fans for the Royal Rumble PPV and Dave Meltzer said the following about the attendance:

“There were 40,000 in the building, but there was a lot of paper. I mean the paid was 32-ish, but there was not 48,000 in the building. In fact, it would have been pretty difficult because they only set up for 43 if they sold out.”