The Undertaker’s Streak Almost Ended Years Ago, Ezekiel Jackson Latest, Konnan-Y2J, Mark Jindrak

The Undertaker

– Former WWE writer, Court Bauer revealed that the Undertaker’s winning streak at WrestleMania came close to being ended in 2006. Bauer stated that there was a heavy push within the company to have Mark Henry be victorious at Wrestlemania 22. Management obviously changed their mind.

– Ezekiel Jackson, who has not been used on the main roster in a while, is expected to be in New York City for WrestleMania 29 weekend. With the company rumored to be bringing up some wrestlers later this month, WWE officials could spend some time discussing future plans with Ezekiel Jackson.

– Like a lot of wrestling fans, Konnan tried to watch Robot Combat League to support Chris Jericho. Unfortunately, he was unable to enjoy the show. The consensus is that the WWE star is doing a good job, but the show format is holding him back. Konnan Tweeted: “Has anyone seen Robot Combat league..i wanna support anything Y2J does, but i couldnt get thru da first 20 minutes..Did i quit on it 2 soon?”

– In the fall of 2008, Mark Jindrak was banned from wrestling in Tijuana, Mexico with three other performers for a period of a year. Apparently, there is a rule down there where wrestlers are not allowed to do spots where the trunks are pulled down. All four performers were punished.

(Partial source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter)