The Unwatchable WWE Raw And A Broken Shield

I’m watching the segment over as I write this, and I still cannot stand it.

Last night, the Shield was blown up, as Seth Rollins “sold out” to Triple H and turned on his running buddies, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. I suppose it was the logical end for them, since they really had no more to accomplish after a sweep of Evolution in their Payback rematch, but as a fan, it was immensely hard to handle.

The Shield was the one enjoyable, consistent match week in and week out. They had chemistry, they were exciting, they had charisma oozing out of them. And so, even the turn looked good. Ambrose sold the HELL out of Rollins whacking Reigns with the chair, so much so that it inspired a great meme.

Dean Ambrose’s reaction to Seth Rollins blasting Roman Reigns with a chair, in meme form.

The sad thing is, most people I knew had turned RAW off earlier in the night, myself included. Thanks to the magic of DVR, we could always go back later to see how it ended, but up until the final segment, this RAW was one of the purest pieces of crap WWE has dropped on its fans in a long time. The whole night was filled with garbage matches and lazy gimmicks, making last week’s RAW seem like an amazing night (it wasn’t), which only goes to show how thoroughly putrid RAW was this week.

The general feeling I have right now is that WWE is flailing about. Daniel Bryan was thrust into a lazy feud with Kane immediately after Wrestlemania, a Wrestlemania that featured Kane being trounced by the Shield. Kane is no longer believable as a monster, because, much like Mark Henry, he’s spent long periods putting over newer monsters or top talent, and you can’t just switch on the monster switch. Brock Lesnar, when he’s putting over people, still beats the everloving hell out of them first. Kane hasn’t done that. His best run in the past five years was with Daniel Bryan as a funny freak in Team Hell No, and his feud with the Undertaker over the World Heavyweight Championship. He hasn’t done much else of note.

Removing the mask from Kane, then having him put it on again, took the aura away from it. It rendered it meaningless, so when he put it on and attacked Daniel Bryan, it felt contrived. Bryan did his best to sell the attack and the match they had at Extreme Rules, but it was stale. A better story would’ve been delving into their shared history together, using Dr. Shelby again, but that didn’t serve WWE’s purposes (one wonders what they expected to happen, anyways, with such a stale storyline).

The news that Bryan would go on the shelf with a neck injury seemed to exacerbate the creative woes. The Shield had no point to fight again with Evolution after beating them at Extreme Rules, and yet they did, only to beat them in a clean sweep in the elimination tag match they had at Payback. John Cena had his rubber match with Bray Wyatt, and with the chance to make Bray Wyatt a convincing monster, nope, WWE hit Copy, Paste, Cena Superman victory. While the matches at Payback were well-executed, they didn’t have much excitement, except for the Shield’s rematch, because even in a match that really had no point, The Shield is…ahem, WAS, so good at what they do that it was impossible to not be excited. And that match certainly delivered.

However, when it came time for RAW, there wasn’t anything left to work with. Cena had vanquished another opponent he should’ve put over, and was left without a feud or direction. Batista quit Evolution (a totally expected move, because he has a movie to go promote). Bryan was still champion, because, in reality, WWE is scared to strip their one other marketable star besides Cena of the title, and is continuing to stall on stripping him of his championship (something they should’ve thought about with Dolph Ziggler last year!).

The result was the unwatchable RAW, a mishmash of segments and matches, and it’s a shame that a heel turn of such magnitude as Rollins’ was consigned to this RAW. It reeks of desperation, and while I suppose we have to wait and see what happens before we pass final judgement on this move, all it’s done so far is break The Shield, one of the best teams to come down the pike in a long time. I damn sure don’t believe in this.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

  • Tiny

    Right move, wrong time and possibly wrong execution but it is too early to make a fair judgement. I am excited for the single matches, Ambrose vs Rollins could be match of the year if a triple threat doesn’t happen! I am just worried, they were the best team but as solo superstars, they all need a push but somebody will get lost in the mid card, become another Dolph Ziggler and that will probably be Ambrose unfortunately

    • codys moustache

      Ambrose is likely to find himself in the mid card because his in ring style doesn’t scream main event yet, however if they continue to allow him to talk then he’ll be hard to ignore as the top dog in the game. Point is because Ambrose is so charismatic he’ll shine no matter where he’s put. Dean Ambrose is a bonifed superstar

  • Wrestling_fan

    1) Oh c’mon! For once, WWE actually makes things interesting & people still find things to bitch about. LIke me, there are many viewers who are now looking forward to the next raw after such a long time.
    Consider this- If they had broken up before WM, then people would have called it “predictable”. Same would have been the case had Ambrose been the one who deflected.
    Stuff like this used to happen a lot during the AE days.There’s no way AE would have been successful with the amount of bitching done these days.

    2) “WWE hit Copy, Paste, Cena Superman victory”??
    You really watched the same match everyone else did? Agreed Bray didn’t win this one, but it was anything but a “superman” victory. It was a MOTY contender for sure & it even made Rowan, Harper & the Usos relevant. Cena has actually made Wyatt more relevant after this rivalry. The impact would have been less had it been any other top star except Cena. Even by losing 2-1 against Cena, Wyatt’s aura has increased than, say, if he had won 2-1 against a (face) orton. Not a Cena fan, but this blind hating sucks.

    • thatpj

      Yeah! Just ask Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and Damien Sandow how awesome it was for thier careers to lose to Cena in a ‘good’ match

      • Wrestling_fan

        When did i even mention anything about those guys? Did you even read my post?
        Point is, if done correctly, even by losing, a guy’s status can be uplifted!
        Also, Ziggler won his world championship (over del rio) & was at the peak of his career AFTER his feud with Cena. How the heck did Cena come in the case of Ziggler!? This is the exact blind hating am talking about.
        WIth Barrett, I agree, he didn’t put him over. Bash him to hell for this & wherever else it’s due, but, if you start hating him for stuff like if your car didn’t start, or you spilled your drink etc. ,then it kinda loses its meaning man!

    • ksedude

      He has to win though. It’s almost as if he’s like “yeah I’ll give him a win, but not a clean one.” The closest he comes to truly putting over new talent is doing his best to “sell” some offense, then come back and win with an AA or STF. It’s getting old. I know he will win every feud he’s in. It’s a shame.

      • Wrestling_fan

        How about Bryan, Sheamus, Batista, Orton, HHH & even Punk at MITB 2011 (a bit debatable though). Also, the top babyface of the company isn’t supposed to lose that much. Look at Hogan, Austin & the Warrior.

  • thatpj

    They should have had the turn on the PPV. Would had more impact.

    • ksedude

      It would have undermined their victory and moment, and looked totally unbelievable. Seth Rollins beats the shit out of Evolution, then joins them seconds later lol

  • jmull

    You’re hating of WWE breaking apart the Shield because you like them so much is exactly what they want. You’re the mark for this angle. Wyatt still got a rub and is now a main event player. He can go over Cena later for the belt.

    • Wrestling_fan

      Exactly what I’ve trying to say as well! Thank you.
      Looks like anyone (mark) can become a “writer” here! Thinking of applying myself!

  • codys moustache

    I think your missing the bigger picture, splitting the shield doesn’t mean Ambrose Rollins and reigns aren’t going keep us entertained moving forward, the shield has had the best run of any faction running through every top name on the current roster. Technically they are the top dogs. It was time to shake things up and the unpredictable turn of Rollins was a brilliant move, the match potential ahead is exciting. As for bray wyatt he in my eyes is untouchable, the guy is a genuine superstar losing to cena means nothing to bray wyatt and won’t hurt his character one bit, charisma goes a long way and besides it was nt like he was pinned clean in a standard match, cena had to bury him under boxes.
    So all in all although your point about the crap that is a three hour raw is true( I don’t even watch it my self and only really catch the start, start of the second and third hour and the end) the truth is wwe is actually improving, maybe noone can see it yet but reigns Ambrose wyatt and Rollins are a refreshing change to the top of the card and I look forward to the future of all those guys.