The Very Latest Details On Chris Jericho’s Future With WWE

While reports are that Chris Jericho will be finishing up with WWE soon, advertising indicates that he will be with the company through August’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Jericho is currently advertised for RAW live events through the RAW Supershow on June 4th. He will then hit the road with Fozzy in the UK from June 6-10th and will host the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in London on June 11th.

Based on advertising, Jericho will return to work with WWE on June 15th. He is advertised for WWE events from then through SummerSlam on August 19th – including No Way Out on June 17th and Money in the Bank on July 15th.

Jericho and Fozzy will participate in the Rockstar Uproar Tour from August 15th through September 30th. WWE is not advertising Jericho for any events after SummerSlam until October. He is also advertised for WWE’s overseas tour in late October.