The Very Latest On Brock Lesnar Flipping Out After Extreme Rules

The latest on Brock Lesnar flipping out after WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view this past Sunday night, is that although he did cause a genuine tantrum, some of it was fixed. How much of it was real and how much of it was a way to convince the other wrestlers that him losing to John Cena was the right call, depends on who you ask.

According to the Wrestling Observer, at least part of the tantrum, and maybe most of it was a work for the wrestlers. There were several things that Lesnar was legitimately upset about though. Not upset enough to tear a locker room apart, but nonetheless, Lesnar was upset.

WWE tried to get word Monday afternoon that Lesnar had quit the company after a “blow-up” backstage at Extreme Rules. The company were hoping various “dirt sheet” websites would report he’d quit and for everyone to be surprised when he came out on Monday Night Raw.

WWE didn’t do the best of jobs at getting the story out. By the time word got out, we also knew Lesnar was already backstage in the building and scheduled to do the show.