The Wrestling Genius: Addressing Your Concerns

Well last week’s column sure got an interesting response from you guys. I’d like to address a few concerns or points that were brought up by several of you. First, like I said in the column I have nothing against Randy Orton, as a matter of fact I’m a huge Randy Orton fan. He is one of the best in ring and on mic performers working today. He is an amazing performer that I respect greatly, even if at times he comes off as a bit of an arrogant jerk ( just see him nearly hitting a fan after he hurt his collarbone, or the numerous reports of him being none to friendly to the Divas). The point of last week’s column wasn’t to put down Randy Orton in any way, so anyone that says that just didn’t get the point of the column. Now on to another subject that came up and this one bothered me more than the Orton issue, a few of you seem to think that I don’t realize that this is probably part of a bigger storyline. As a matter of fact one of the readers went so far as to say that and I quote “You are the biggest mark ever”. Hey at least I’m the biggest and best at something, and I will take this award and put it up with my 9th grade speech class “Class Clown Award” and my “Most Likely To Become A Trucker” certificate I got at 8th grade graduation (in retrospect I now realize that I have accomplished very little, wow thanks reader you just inadvertently made me a little sad…and I’m over it). Look, I get how this business works; I understand that this is probably part of a bigger story. That wasn’t the point I was making, the whole point of the column and  I guess I failed you guys by not making this clearer was, it disrespects not just Christian but the legitimacy of the World Title by having such a short run. It makes Christian look weak, even if the match was amazing, he’ll still be known as the guy that lost the title 48 hours after winning it. Okay, are we clear now, or do I have to continue. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller…Bueller…okay moving on.

My shot at Morrison also rubbed a few of you the wrong way but I stand by everything I said. Whether you like it or not being a well-liked person in the locker room is nearly as important as what you do on the mic and in the ring. Do I feel bad that I put down John Morrison last week and just a few days later, he had to have surgery? Of course I do, I feel bad anytime a superstar gets injured and has to have surgery. John Morrison is a hard worker that I want to see succeed in this business because he is fun to watch. This injury could not have come at a worse time for the WWE and John Morrison. The roster is dwindling and the WWE is in need of all their young stars, especially a guy like Morrison who can put on a five star match on any given night. I was hoping to see him and R-Truth put on a few good matches in their feud, establishes R-Truth as a legitimate heel contender, and possibly grow Morrison’s star. Now R-Truth has to try to find his way on his own and Morrison is shelved for a few months instead of getting more over with the crowd. Speaking of R-Truth I thought he did a very good job on Raw with his heel turn. His promo was the best I’ve ever seen him on the mic, and he will more than likely now be in a feud with Mysterio. R-Truth is wrestler I’ve never given a real chance or second look at, from his days as K-Kwik, to his somewhat successful run at TNA, to his “What’s Up” rapping days in the WWE, but I might be sold with this heel turn. He isn’t the best in ring performer but there have been worse that have gone on to be champions, and he seems more comfortable as a heel then he ever did as a babyface. I was excited for a Morrison vs. Truth feud and I’m a little let down it won’t be happening anytime soon, but I still have confidence R-Truth has finally found his character and he’ll be more successful because of it.

On to Over The Limit Pay Per View and the biggest match made so far. John Cena vs. The Miz in an “I Quit” Match. Well I guess that means Cena is going to retain the title because there is no effing way Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, The Marine, Superman, Hulk Hogan 2.0, ever says “I Quit”. Making it an “I Quit” match was a terrible move because we already know the outcome. Last Man Standing, I could see Cena losing that, long shot yeah but he could lose that type of match, but an “I Quit” never. I’ll go out on a limb on this one and say if Cena loses the “I Quit” match I’ll write an entire column singing his praise and say nothing but good things about him for an entire month. I just hate that The Miz is put in this match because he’ll be the one made to look weak and Cena will once again look superhuman in every way. Cena has never been made to submit or say I quit. He’s made lots of guys submit and say I quit that I didn’t think would ever say I quit. The Miz has no submission move that we are aware of to lock Cena in, and we all know he’s not going to pummel Cena into quitting. Cena has been made into this indestructible machine that is so superhuman the very idea of him saying I quit is inconceivable. Now I’ve made it very clear numerous time in my columns that I’m a huge Miz fan, and I dislike Cena’s in ring work, so you’ll have to excuse me for being a little over the top on this one.

All right short column this week because I’m preparing for the greatest debate in the history of debates next with my good buddy Aaron. In next week’s column we going to go toe to toe on who had the bigger impact/was a better performer, The Rock vs. Stone Cold. Now Aaron and I have had this debate since I met him over six years ago and finally we’ll get to put this argument to rest when I defeat him and proclaim mine and Stone Cold’s pure dominance of Aaron and The Rock. Trust me you won’t want to miss next week’s column, it’s going to be big.

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