The Wrestling Genius: Answering Your Questions

I’ve been pretty selfish the past couple of articles and today I plan to rectify that. Instead of answering my own questions, I’m going to once again turn the column over to you the readers. I’ve taken these questions from both twitter and email, and these are 100% real. See it pays to email or join me on twitter so you should do that more often.

“In your honest opinion the ‘It Begins – 1/2/12’ promo – Jericho or Taker?” –Topcatsmith via Twitter.

This has been an interesting campaign by the WWE and they have once again proven that they are the best in the business at vignettes. I honestly believe the WWE has the plan for it to be Chris Jericho come 1/2/12, but if contract talks fall through with him they will bring Undertaker back sooner than they want to which reports show should be February. Now, obviously I’m rooting for the return of Chris Jericho and am practically giddy thinking about Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk at Wrestlemania. That match would not only steal the show from the much overhyped Cena vs. Rock, it may very well be one of the top five Wrestlemania matches of all time. Two of the very best in ring performers and mic workers this business has ever seen going one on one at Wrestlemania, that’s what Wrestlemania is for. However, if it isn’t Jericho and it isn’t Undertaker, the next option is Shane and Stephanie McMahon. This isn’t my theory this is an interesting theory I’ve read online from a few different sites, and it’s a very intriguing scenario. It’s also the only scenario that uses both the girl and boy from the vignettes. Shane and Stephanie are two very good heels, not as good as their father was circa Attitude Era, but still they would make much better foils to CM Punk than Funkhauser does. Any way you look at it the WWE has once again proven that they can keep the whole WWE universe and internet buzzing and guessing. I can’t wait for 1/2/12 and what will be revealed, I’m rooting for the return of Chris Jericho but at this point wouldn’t be disappointed with one of the other two scenarios I laid out here.

“How do you feel about a DVD about Michael Hayes?” -@cag151 via Twitter.

I chose this question so I could also expand on the question and talk about some of the DVD’s I’d like the WWE to make and ones I think would be ill advised. No, I don’t think Michael Hayes should get his own DVD, but the Freebirds might make for an interesting story. I just know I wouldn’t buy it and I don’t know if there is much of a market for it. I know they are in the Hall of Fame, but there just wouldn’t be a lot interest. A very interesting story that I think should be told is the story of Goldust /Dustin Rhodes. A very talented but ultimately flawed person and character that pushed the envelope more than most in the WWE during the Attitude Era. It is also the story of a guy overcoming his demons and coming back from the brink of death, which is a story wrestling fans would like to get behind because let’s face it far too often the story ends the other way in wrestling. I don’t know if this one is possible but I’ll put it out there anyway because it is my column. I would love to see the WWE put together “The Story of NWA”. NWA at one time was the hot spot for up and coming stars and I’d like to see what the WWE could put together for the promotion. There is little doubt in my mind that that would be an amazing and entertaining watch. Not just for nostalgia buffs but for anyone that enjoys really good professional wrestling before it became a business more about entertainment than wrestling.

“Is this the revolution Punk has been talking about, or will Ryder and Bryan be short term champions and we’ll go back to the way it was?” –Tiffany via Email.

To be honest I think the WWE is doing a great job of listening to the fans and giving us what we want. This happens to be what CM Punk wants, actual wrestlers winning wrestling matches and belts. Now, you guys know my feelings on Ryder I’m just not a fan and I think Dolph Ziggler is a much better in ring performer and a better on the mic persona. Ryder has a few catch phrases but in my opinion that is all he is a walking catch phrase, I’m not convinced he could deliver a real promo with actual emotion. I don’t think they’ll let Daniel Bryan be a World Champion for very long, but just the fact that he was a champion in the WWE is a pretty incredible thing for indie wrestling fans to see. I the WWE is moving in the right direction, incredibly talented but smaller guys getting their chance to shine. How long will this last? That’s up to guys like Ryder, Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Punk, and Daniels to put on entertaining matches and be entertaining on the mic. Whether we want to admit it or not, if you are boring on the mic it doesn’t matter how dynamic you are in the ring, just ask Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison about that. This revolution Punk is putting on has given them an opportunity now it’s up to them to keep it going. I thought the WWE did a great job of debuting these three guys as champions in a city that would receive it with the most enthusiasm. Philadelphia was a hot crowd, the exact opposite as the crowd at TLC. I’ve said it before but it needs repeating, the crowd’s reaction or lack of one makes or breaks storylines and careers. If that Philly crowd had just sat on their hands during the Punk, Ryder, Daniels segments that wouldn’t might have killed Punk’s revolution before it even got off the ground. I hope this continues into the future and we get to see even more truly talented wrestlers get a shot over stiff, oversized giants with little to no wrestling talent *cough* Mason Ryan *cough*.

“You couldn’t be more f***ing wrong about Orton, he is one of the top ten greatest wrestler ever. You’re just too busy blowing Punk to f***ing see it” – Paul via Email.

I had to clean that one up a bit, the language and the spelling/grammar errors. Also it isn’t a question but he wasn’t the only one to disagree with my assessment of Randy Orton in my last column, he just used the most colorful language. I knew when I wrote that section that I would read a lot of backlash and people disagreeing with me. That’s what makes writing this column so much fun, being able to have conversations with other wrestling fans and seeing different opinions and viewpoints. I stand by what I said about Randy Orton. He’s a guy who could be one of the best ever and is just missing that “it” factor that is required to steal the “brass ring” from John Cena. As for the “blowing” Punk statement, I am a huge fan of his but I also criticized him in my last column as well. There isn’t a perfect WWE superstar; they can all do something to improve the product they are putting out. With that said, there is no one with a better in ring or on the mic product than CM Punk.

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