The Wrestling Genius: Birthday-Like Anticipation

Do you remember when you were a kid, your birthday was a big deal right? The anticipation of what the present was going to be was almost too much to bear. The days leading up to it were almost like a countdown, you could see seconds ticking away until you got to open the presents. Then you got older and you could guess what each present was. You got even older and then birthdays stopped being a huge deal because you could buy what you wanted for yourself and birthdays became more about partying. Well I felt like a kid on Monday with the countdown. The anticipation building the moment, I was actively texting two of my friends while watching Raw live. That never happens for two reasons, one none of my friends ever watch Raw live it is usually dvr’d, and two there usually isn’t anything interesting enough to actively text about. Monday we had reason to text and watch live. We were going to see the return of The Undertaker, and the shadowy figure outside revealed. I sat in excited anticipation as the clock slowly ticked away. Each promo more exciting than the last, just like when my mom would tease me about the wrapped presents and what could possibly be inside them. Then “Ain’t no grave can hold my body down” hit and the chains echoed across the arena and the lights went out. Then the bell tolled and I instantly got goose-bumps. There is something about that intro, the music, the bell, the slow walk, the fog, it should all be old hat by now but I just eat it up every time. Okay so the part we already knew about 2/21/11 shown to us, so that is out of the way now we were going to see who the shadowy figure is. Then “It’s time to play the game!” hit a little earlier then I would have liked. I wish they would have waited a few more seconds to build the anticipation just a little more. So the shadowy figure is HHH, and while I already had guessed that I was still pleased with it. I was excited for a Clash of the Titans like face off. Now would Sting have been better? Of course, Sting would have been better but having a 13-time world champion return after being off for months was a nice conciliation prize.

With the big match set for Wrestlemania, two returning giants set to square off in the middle of the ring. While HHH and Taker have clashed many times before I have faith that this will be better than ever before, just like Shawn vs. Taker at Wrestlemania was bigger than ever before. I am an unapologetic HHH fan and I will stand by him being one of the best of all time in ring performers. While he takes flak from certain websites that think he is only where he is because of who he is married to then his in ring talent. All I have to say is it wasn’t Stephanie McMahon who battled Cactus Jack in a bloody feud, it certainly wasn’t her who wrestled for over twenty minutes with a broken trachea in an Elimination Chamber. I am very excited to see these two power houses tear the house down in Atlanta. While I don’t think it will live up to Taker vs. Michaels, I’m also not sure any match ever will live up to those matches.

Wrestlemania is shaping up to be bigger than last years. With the return of Christian at the Elimination Chamber I think that the World Heavyweight title match will be a three way dance between Edge, Del Rio, and Christian. No one is more deserving of the title then Christian is. I don’t think he’ll win it, heck I don’t even know if he’ll even be in the match. I just hope he will be, because he deserves to be a co-headliner at Wrestlemania. Christian is a great in ring performer, a great promo guy, and his chemistry with Edge would help make that match an epic title match. Then you throw in The Rock as the host and his feud with both Cena and The Miz, and my excitement for Wrestlemania is about a nine. I am excited for The Rock’s next promo against Cena because Cena upped the whole feud Monday with an old school Cena promo, and while I’m not a Cena fan I have to give credit where credit is due and say that was a great promo.  I thought Cena came off much better than I anticipated and a few emailers who said The Rock was going to work circles around Cena were, like me, wrong. I’m excited to see The Rock and Cena feuding, but the one thing I’m pumped for The Miz to go promo for promo against them. The Miz’s promo on Monday wasn’t as good as Cena’s but it was still very good and it was a great start to their three way feud.

Now I’m going to do something I don’t do very often and I’m going to talk about TNA, specifically I’m going to talk about Ken Anderson. I can’t possibly be the only one annoyed by his crappy promos that are so full of a**holes that I wonder if I’m watching an early 90’s Dennis Leary stand up special. Look I get I Mr. Anderson you get to swear in TNA and you couldn’t in the WWE, but at some point don’t you realize you just look like a grade schooler who finally found out what swearing is. I’ve always been a critic of Mr. Anderson, specifically the fact that he puts on sloppy matches that hurt people. You don’t get a reputation as a dangerous worker in the WWE just because people are ‘out to get you’. You get it because you drop people on their heads and injury them and injury yourself in the process. Ken Anderson is another one I was glad to see Vince cast off because watching him wrestle and constantly putting wrestler in danger isn’t all that much fun. The fact that this guy was a world champion tells you that TNA doesn’t know what they have in wrestlers like Styles, Angle, Samoa Joe, Hernendez, and a bunch of other guys who work circles around Mr. Anderson. Speaking of Angle I think that I have never been sicker of a story line then I am The Jarrett’s. Now I know Angle talks about how he is okay with the storyline and that he is over the whole thing, I’m not buying it. I know I wouldn’t be cool with the whole thing. I would have jumped ship, gone to the WWE, and bashed Jarrett at every turn, but then again I’m kind of a dick so take that information with a grain of salt. I just think it’s wrong to use someone’s kids in a storyline, especially if those two don’t get along to begin with. When the WWE used kids in a storyline, it was with two very good friends Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. I don’t think its edgy and provocative I think it is stupid and makes the whole company come off as sleazy and desperate.

That’s all for this week folks, thanks for reading and a special thank you to everyone who takes the time to email me. I appreciate every bit of mail I get and I try to respond to every one of them if I have time. If you wish to email me with any questions, concerns, comments, or hate you can do so at


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