The Wrestling Genius: How To Enrage Your Fans


Well I clearly didn’t learn my lesson from last week. I wrote a column about how great it was that Christian had finally won a world title, and how great this was for the WWE. Then low and behold the creative team at WWE pooped in my Cheerios. They decided that Christian isn’t worthy of the World Title and basically just said screw you to Christian. Now I have nothing against Randy Orton, he is an amazing in ring talent, and I’m a huge fan of his, but he’s already been champion. He’s got many title runs and this was supposed to be Christian’s time. Christian won the World Heavyweight title in what can only be describe as a brutal ladder match. Don’t believe me that it was brutal, just look up the pictures of Christians ribs taken right after the bought, or ask Brodus Clay how his stitches feel. Did you ever see him eventually breaking through and winning a world title in the WWE. Christian has won a world title before but that was in TNA, to equate that to movie awards that’s like winning “Best Film at the Sundance Film Festival”. Sure, it’s a good award to win but your still in the indies and until you win the Oscar, or in Christians case the WWE or World Heavyweight title he’d always be considered indie. Christian was and had been for a long time, considered very good but never great. He was never as over with the crowd as much as I thought he would be and frankly, I wondered if this day would ever come, too bad it only came for all of two days. Some will say it only came because Edge retired, a lot like how Rey Mysterio only became world champion because his best friend Eddie died. I’m not of this school of thought because I always believed in Christian’s in ring talent. Christian has a unique offense, a blend of high impact moves, with a little high flying, with a few kicks, chops, and slaps thrown in.  It took a long time, but then again it took Shawn Michaels a long time to finally break through and win a world title, but you know he didn’t lose it 48 hours later. Vince needs to realize what he really has in his talent, and sometimes he over values guys who aren’t that good but have “the look” (Dave Batista anyone? Speaking of Batista the rumor that the WWE has offered him a contract and he’s strongly considering signing it has me a little worked up. No one since the Ultimate Warrior has coasted on looking big and scary as much as Batista has. He’s a mediocre talent with a champions body). Christian certainly doesn’t have “the look” that Vince loves so much but Christian has everything else, charisma, great in ring talent, and he carries a heavy weight with his fellow wrestlers. The number of wrestlers that tweeted how proud of Christian they were was astounding, a lot of TNA talent chimed in to, that means something, considering not a single person congratulated John Cena on winning his 10th world title. People want to root for Christian; they want to see him succeed more than say a guy like John Morrison. However, I guess none of that matters to Vince and the writers. Why isn’t Christian over with them? I have no idea, all I do know is what happened on Tuesday night is a freaking travesty. I’ve never been so ashamed to be a WWE fan.

Back to John Morrison for a moment, and how this relates to Christian. I am a huge John Morrison fan but the guy doesn’t seem to be liked very much by his peers. He is the anti-Christian, (not to be confused with the anti-christ of pro wrestling Jeff Hardy who is currently on hiatus for not being able to stop from getting high before huge matches) John Morrison comes off as a bit of an arrogant jerk. From his snubbing of Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania to some of his past comments on how great he really thinks he is. John Morrison has every in ring tool to succeed, but if you don’t have the on mic skills to get over, you certainly can’t be a jerk in the locker room. You can be a jerk in the locker room as long as your both good on the mic and in the ring just as Batista (Did not expect to take two separate shots at Batista in one column but I’m telling you he’s a jerk, just trust me). That’s why we root for Christian and why we never fully get behind John Morrison, because one seems to care about all the right things, and one seems to only care about himself. Christian is the consummate professional, never openly complaining about not getting his shot, going out and putting on a great match no matter who he’s wrestling, and just all around giving a crap. This is the difference between Christian and I as well, if I was told by Vince that I was going to drop the title just 48 hours after winning it I’d throw a chair against the wall and tell him to go f*ck himself. I’d storm out, nothing against Orton it’s just complete bull sh*t that a professional like Christian, a guy with everything we fans want in a champion gets such a raw deal. There is absolutely no way I’d have ended that meeting with a job; I would have walked and went to back to TNA. I know that’s childish and juvenile and that’s probably why I’ll never make it in the corporate world and why I’m in a perfect place now, an independent writer with no boss. Christian is an awesome guy and he’s a way bigger man then I’ll ever be because he didn’t walk out. He probably just nodded, walked out, congratulated Randy Orton, and went about his business. It’s a crying shame something like this had to happen to Christian.

Things like this make me rethink why I love this business so much, why bother writing a column every week about a business that doesn’t seem to care about anyone in it. I’ve always known the WWE is an uncaring machine that moves from one wrestler to another when that wrestler is spent, but I’ve accepted that because it’s necessary for business. Sort of like how SNL continually gets new casts, because it’s not about the cast its about the show. So that part I get, but this isn’t the case, Christian isn’t used up, this was a guy who had finally reached his dream. He finally made it to the top of a profession he’d been a part of over a decade, a guy who had been overlooked, and pushed to side for most of his career. He had finally climbed the mountain, only to be unceremoniously pushed off in 48 hours for reasons unclear to me. It enrages me that I have to write a column like this instead of talking about how awesome Raw was. They took two of the best moments in a long time from me, Christian winning the World Title, and The Rock’s birthday bash on Raw. Two great momentous moments that I enjoyed a lot, and then 24 hours after The Rock’s Raw Bash, we get news that Christian lost his World Title to Randy Orton. All of the good feelings come crashing down like Foley from The Cell. I hope Christian gets another shot at the a world title run and that his next one is an actual run and not just an unceremonious chair shot to his ego.

Okay, enough rage, I want to take a moment and thank anyone in the military. You men and women do an amazing, thankless job, and no matter what you do in the military you should share a little bit of the win we got Sunday night when it was reported that we killed Osama Bin Laden. Your tireless work brought closure to many people who needed and I can not thank you enough for the hard work all of you put in. No matter where you were when that mission took place, you deserve just as much thanks as the guy that took the shot that ended the cowards life. Thank you very much and I greatly appreciate everything you men and women do for this country. The Rock’s pledge of allegiance gave me goose bumps on Monday and so did all of the USA chants, no matter what your political affiliation is we can all agree that in these difficult times we needed a win and this was a huge win.

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