The Wrestling Genius: I Hate to Say I Told You So But…(guest writer)

For those of you that don’t follow me on Twitter, I’m sorry but you missed out because I ran a Twitter contest to become a guest writer for a week for my column. I got a huge response, but the winner was a follower of mine @cag151. He won by being the only one to pick Sheamus as the Royal Rumble winner. So congrats to him, and enjoy his unique view on wrestling. I will be back next week with my genius view on wrestling. I hope you enjoy.

I Hate to say I told ya so, but……

Hello fellow purists! I am cag151 or Diesel, (no relation what so fruelling ever!!!), as my civilian fellows call me. I picked Sheamus to win the Royal Rumble back before TLC and was spot on. The reason for he was my pony for this race is because well, it made the most sense and it would be right for Smackdown. Plus check his track record. Not even 5 years in he’s a 2 time WWE Champion, won KOTR, (quick side note, but does anyone else notice that this is the same acronym for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic), and has had great rivialries with Morrison, HHH, and even Cena, (hold the suck chants and boos). With all these into account, he was the natural choice. Plus Smackdown is in dire need of a new babyface for the brand. Undertaker is on his way out and Orton has been there and done that. So for Sheamus to win would be the right choice. Now with my prediction of the Rumble winner, (It wasn’t a lucky guess), I’m going to give my picks for this year’s stars to watch.

1.) Dolph Ziggler, wow the former Spirit Squad cheerleader becoming a force to be reckoned with? That I never saw coming. But let’s face it; Ziggler has indeed stepped up his game this year. Vickie helped him come up, but now he’s to the point where he doesn’t need her. The smart move is keep him #HEEL, drop Vickie, and wreak havoc. I believe in the eyes of the right people, Ziggler has shown he can definitely hang on main event level. I see him as WWE Champion at least one time by this time next year. Not to mention Ziggler had a great series with my next pic….

2.) Kofi Kingston, I call this one more wishful thinking on my part. But he has talent, he’s an excellent PR person for the company, and IMO has not disappointed in the ring. With Evan Bourne’s recent suspension record, WWE should let Kofi shine. Not to mention he’s been a constant star in MITB matches; him and Ziggler in an angle for the WWE Title? They tore the house down when the US Title was on the line. Imagine what they would do in a PPV main event. Plus on a more personal note, I would like to see a new black star and WWE Champ. (the Rock doesn’t count. He embraces his Samoan side more) It would be a nice change of pace.

3.) Cody Rhodes, as a comic geek, I read an article Rhodes did for Marvel comics awhile back about how he adopted his masked heel persona from Dr. Doom. It paid out in spades and helped him shout to great heel status. Great heel promos, great matches and ring psychology, Rhodes will be Heavyweight Champion this year. I’m taking bets now! It will happen. Another way to see this is coming; he’s been going through legends lately. Who was the last person to go through legends before shooting to superstardom? Does a certain “Viper” come to mind? On a side note on Rhodes, I think a brother vs. brother for Wrestlemania would be a awesome idea.

4.) The Miz, he’s already been on top and showed he can represent the company in other media outlets well, since he sort of took a back seat this past year after Wrestlemania. With that said, I see an angrier, hungry Miz on the attack. I see him stealing the show sometime soon to show us all that he’s not a flash in the pan. Personally, I’m welcome to his attack. I think he and Punk could have an “awesome” program together. (come on did you think I wasn’t going to use that word in a paragraph about Miz?). Speaking of Punk….

5.) CM Punk & Bryan Danielson, (that’s the name that made him famous & I’m sticking to it dammit!). I’m saying these guys are out of steam, but they’re already on top. I believe Punk/Danielson have so much more to give us in terms of ring work and entertainment. I think we’re seeing the beginning of Danielson’s legendary heel persona. I have no doubt that these two will disappoint us at Wrestlemania this year. All I’m seeing is waiting and see with Punk/Danielson. They’ve worked too hard to get to this point in their careers to just give up and fall back down to mid-card limbo.

A quick side note about Cena. Unless your tv is on mute, (even if it is, a blind man could see this), Cena is still a hot button with us. Now we’re going into the whole giving Cena a more complex character. My opinion on this is…. I don’t care. Not because I despise Cena, I’m one of the few adults who actually likes Cena for what he is. He’s entertaining to me and if I was given his same oppertunity, I would be the same guy, (let’s be honest with ourselves). He’ll never give us Steamboat/Savage, Flair/Steamboat, Joe/Punk, or Guerrero/Benoit, but he is entertaining to me for what is. I don’t care cause of the industry is harping on this ‘Cena go heel’ campaign. I want to really  see more of the guys on my list. WWE is more than just Cena and as long as we feed into it, they’ll keep shoving it down our throats. As much as I would love to see The Rock wrestle one more match, after that, he can go back to Hollywood and do more filming cause that’s all I want from the Rock, One more match.

That’s it for now. Again I want to thank Jared for giving the platform to share my opinions with the wrestling world. For all feedback hit me on Twitter, (@cag151) or email. ( Hell if you enjoyed what I had to say, respond to the website. If you didn’t, even better, I thrive on a good debate. Let the hate fly! Lates!

Diesel (again no freulling relation!!)

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