The Wrestling Genius: Is This the Best the WWE Has?

I’m once again left with a bad feeling about what is going on in the world of Sport Entertainment. Monday’s Raw only further proved to me that R-Truth is a mid-carder masquerading as a number one contender. His interaction with Vince McMahon and Stone Cold left much to be desired. His character is neither funny, scary, nor entertaining at all, at least not to me. I know we need some new blood at the top and another Miz vs. Cena match would just be the same recycled match that we’ve seen half a dozen times before. With that said, however isn’t there anyone else they could put in that spot that is worth seeing? I mean couldn’t R-Truth be feuding with Big Show and Del Rio against Cena, or Jack Swagger vs. Cena. I’ve been singing the praises of Del Rio for a while now and I know he’d make an enjoyable feud with Cena. Swagger might be just as bad on the mic as R-Truth, but he can work circles around R-Truth in the ring. There is nothing about R-Truth that stands out to me, he isn’t funny, he isn’t flashy, his character is already played out, and he just doesn’t resonate with me and judging by the crowd on Monday he doesn’t with them either. There is no way Punk would get a half-hearted response when calling everyone in Richmond rednecks and making fun of the Confederacy. Punk would have been booed out of the building and I mean that in a good way. With R-Truth we just aren’t buying it, we just don’t buy him as a main event super star. I barely buy him as an Intercontinental Champion, let alone the number one contender for the biggest prize in the business. The WWE can’t just force someone like R-Truth down our throats, it just doesn’t work. Him throwing a soda into an actor’s, I mean dad’s, face doesn’t give him instant heat, and it certainly doesn’t make him a viable contender for Cena’s title.

I’ve gone over and over again in my columns about the bright future of the WWE, but not once have I ever mentioned R-Truth as being part of that bright future. You know why, because I’m not sure there is anyone outside of Stanford, CT. that thinks he’s a future champion. I don’t want to sit here and hammer on R-Truth, I’m sure he’s a great guy, but come on. There are much better stars in the WWE than R-Truth. They’ve recreated his character and while it’s better than him coming out and yelling What’s Up for two minutes, it doesn’t make him a star. I’m surprised Vince McMahon didn’t laugh out loud when R-Truth said “no more t-shirt sales” because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a R-Truth t-shirt on anyone other than R-Truth. Ask yourself this, which would you, rather see, R-Truth vs. Cena, or Cena vs. Punk? Now I’m aware I’ve brought these two up before and how much I’d rather see Punk in this spot than R-Truth, but that doesn’t make the fact any different. There isn’t a WWE fan out there that wouldn’t want to see Punk getting R-Truth’s push. Part of me thinks Punk is being pushed back a little bit because he hasn’t resigned with the company, and they feel that he’s stringing them along in the negotiations. Well I’ll tell you what giving him a world title push and making him the biggest heel on Raw might just give him the incentive to sign on the dotted line. There is no way I’d let a star like CM Punk walk and possibly head to TNA, or go do whatever else Punk wants to do.

If the WWE is in need of black stars like they’ve been saying, which is part of the reason R-Truth is getting this push, then really the spotlight should shine on Kofi Kingston. He showed all of us his promo chops during his short lived but very entertaining feud with Randy Orton. Kofi is a more entertaining person, he is a better athlete and performer than R-Truth, I’m just at a loss for words on this subject. Kofi is better; the only difference I see is it’s more R-Truth’s “time” than Kofi’s because R-Truth has been around so much longer. I have never subscribed to this philosophy, you have it or you don’t. You don’t get a world title shot just because you’ve been around a long time. Now this may seem to run counter to my feelings on Christian and his short lived title run, but Christian was actually deserving of the title. He is a legitimate superstar whereas R-Truth is nothing special. I also seem to be in the minority when I say Kofi is a future world champion. None of my friends seems to agree with me, but I just like the guy a lot. I know what I saw when he had his feud with Randy Orton and what I saw was a legit star, his promos where amazing and intense. He dropped the silly fake accent and just went to work, but the WWE in their infinite wisdom decided to bury him in favor of other people. I just don’t understand what their process is for making stars is, and really who am I to say they are wrong, they are the ones with the billion dollar company. All I can say is I’ve been a fan for my entire life and not to brag but I’ve been right well over half the time when it comes to who’s going to be a star and who isn’t. I’ve never seen a guy come out of the mid-card so undeservedly as R-Truth has. My only thought is, is that this is actually the program that John Morrison was suppose to get if he hadn’t gotten hurt. That is the only real explanation I have for it, if any of you have another reason feel free to email me or tweet me because I’d love to hear them.

All right, enough about R-Truth I want to talk about something that is both funny and sad at the same time. Have any of you been as wrapped up in this twitter/ facebook/ youtube, Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan feud as I have? I have never seen two guys who are as big as these two guys in this industry get into a pissing contest quite like this before. Ultimate Warrior has come completely out of left field to say that he is going to kill Hulkimania, really? No joke you guys I haven’t even thought about Ultimate Warrior in about five years, and when I do its usually to joke about how short his matches were. They want to take shots at each other and then claim the other is taking the low road, all I can say is, guys get over yourselves. Ultimate you haven’t been relevant in ten years continue enjoying your retirement, and Hogan seriously brother it’s time to hang it up. Just fade away, I know it’s hard because of how much your alimony check must be, but come on it’s really just getting sad. You pushed Mick Foley out of TNA, and thank God for Mick, that ship is sinking and sinking fast. You guys both were the biggest stars in the business at one point but not to come off as “that guy” but neither of you possessed a very large arsenal of moves. Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage, and Jake Roberts were all much better in ring performers than you were. So, just enjoy your retirements and stop bringing up the past it just makes both of you look like sad pathetic school girls, with Warrior playing the girl who lost the Prom Queen vote by two votes to Hogan. Hogan is of course playing the part of the Prom Queen who shows up to the high school reunion fifty pounds heavier and can’t figure out why no one is still staring at her like they use to. Seriously guys get over it and just walk away from this before its too late, or on second thought don’t I find your guys’ brand of pathetic quite funny and entertaining.

Well that’s all for me this week, sorry about this column being short  and not having one last week, but I had to deal with evacuating my home due to flooding in my city. I promise I’ll give you guys something special and awesome next week.

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