The Wrestling Genius: Jericho Trolls and So Much More

Did Chris Jericho do more by saying nothing to turn heel than he would have if he’d actually cut a promo?

For the first time ever I elected to live tweet Raw instead of DVRing it. I’m probably going to do that more often because it was a blast. It was a combination of a really good Raw and lots of people watching live due to the buzz around 1/2/12 being revealed. The instant Jericho’s arms lit up and his music hit I marked out and so did most of twitter. Sure there were a few people who aren’t on the Jericho bandwagon and would rather have it been someone else, but the majority of tweeters were exited. Quick side note about twitter that night, the number of people who thought they were soooo smart because they just “knew” it would be Jericho. Congratulations, I said the same thing because who else could it be? There was a limited number of people to choose from. One person in particular and I won’t call them out by their twitter handler but they said “Wow, Jericho, how predictable, I’m out”. Really, who did you think it was going to be? There are certain people who wouldn’t have been happy no matter who it was. If it was Taker they would have said the same thing. It was never going to be Lesnar, ever, not a chance so if you were disappointed it wasn’t him you might as well be disappointed it wasn’t Shawn Michaels. I’m not saying Lesnar will never return to the WWE, I actually think he will for a short run, but what I am saying is no way it would have happened on Monday. Jericho was the obvious choice here, because it was the RIGHT choice. Then Jericho went into rock star mode trying to fire up a crowd, then he just kept going. He did this long enough without actually saying anything that the crowd started to turn on him. That’s right Jericho without saying a word made a crowd full of screaming fans and lots of people on twitter turn on him. How many people come up with that plan? How many people would Vince allow to do that? Finally, how many people could have pulled that off? He was the top three trending topics including my favorite Jeritrolling. Jericho trolled thousands in attendance and millions watching from home. He’ll eventually speak and make his intentions clear to us; my guess is a Wrestlemania run against CM Punk. Jericho is a top ten superstar in WWE history and no matter how short the run is I couldn’t be more excited to have him back. He is the only guy who could have pulled that off on Monday and that is just proof of his greatness.

Is CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler as good a rivalry with as little push as possible?

Punk is getting pushed but it’s more about his rivalry with Funkhouser than his battles with Ziggler. This is a tragedy because Ziggler is blossoming into one of the best in the game today and he seems like an afterthought right now. His promos are getting better and better and he and Punk have quickly developed a great in ring chemistry. Punk and Ziggler have now put on three awesome matches in the past 5 weeks with two ending disappointingly thanks to GM interference. Ziggler no longer needs a manager, he doesn’t need outside interference, although I get why they are having Funkhouser do it. Punk is an anti-establishment guy and needs that authority figure to rebel against for his character to work. I just wish Ziggler got one clean non-title win over Punk before Rumble. Ziggler has every single tool you want in a world champion and to see him finally getting his shot is refreshing. Ziggler is just as much a part of Punk’s revolution as Ryder, and Bryan are. He just happens to be a heel so Punk can’t acknowledge it. I see a lot of young Shawn Michaels in Ziggler. I’m pumped to see Punk vs Ziggler at Royal Rumble and I honestly think they will steal the show and Ziggler even without winning will turn a lot of people onto his bandwagon.

Does Kane’s character work in today’s wrestling environment?

In my opinion no his character is too gimmicky for 2012 and Punk’s “reality era”. I mean how can WWE try and push reality while having the Sith lord Kane talking about Cena’s dark side and trying to “drag people into Hell”? Kane’s storyline and character was great when it was done by Undertaker a decade ago. Don’t get me wrong I think trying to develop Cena into a more complex character is a good thing but this way? Really? Sort of seems a little stupid and played out. Does anyone like this storyline? Kane has done more with less talent than many people in WWE history. I’m not afraid of Kane, he is boring on the mic, and his in ring work has gone downhill over the past five years. Now they are pairing him with Cena who as of late has needed quality opponents to get him through matches because he has been a walking mistake waiting to happen. Remember how bad he looked at Wrestlemania when paired with The Miz who is good but not great? Several missed spots in that match marred a main event at Wresttlemania. I have that ranked as one of the worst main event’s in Wrestlemania history. Maybe it’s because I’m not a Kane fan that I think this is stupid but reading a lot of tweets from people thinking this whole thing is ridiculous.

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