The Wrestling Genius: MITB Vegas (fake) Odds

It feels good to be back and doing something that I love. For those of you who don’t know my hiatus was due to me being displaced by flooding, the worst my home town has ever seen. Still displaced but things have settled down enough that I can get back to my column.

I’ve had quite a few of you ask my thoughts on CM Punk’s amazing promos, and where I think he’ll end up at the end of all of this. My feeling is what I’ve felt all along with this whole situation. I think Punk is getting burnt out from the daily grind of the business and wants to go back to Chicago for an extended vacation. However before he goes he is showing Vince, creative, and all of us that he is truly the best on the mic heel in the game today. He’s showing us that he is what he said he was, the best in wrestling today. Before his demise in Impact Wrestling (TNA) Jeff Hardy called himself the anti-Christ of pro wrestling. Well he was nothing more than a drugged out wanna-be, and CM Punk has shown himself to be the anti-Christ of pro wrestling. Punk is everything that Cena can’t be, and I’m not ripping Cena here but just pointing out the difference in to characters. Cena is playing his role perfectly and I’m growing to appreciate him more and more on the mic in this feud. Sure he’s still overtly He-man, he has been for a long time, but his promo with Vince last week to get Punk reinstated was a character growth he needed. He showed true heart, as oppose to the faux heart he has shown for so long. Cena, Punk, and Vince have a chemistry we haven’t seen in a long time, and it is making for must see television. It is Attitude Era stuff in a PG world, something a lot of you disagreed with me on when I said it was possible. The Attitude Era wasn’t about swearing, or sex. At it’s best the Attitude Era was about making all of us believe what they were saying was real. Do I honestly think Stone Cold Steve Austin hated Vince? Of course not ,but his scathing promos against Vince were believable enough to sell million of tickets, t-shirts, and make Austin the biggest star since Hogan.

Punk has that kind of talent, he has every tool possibly to be an even bigger star than Cena. Cena has been painted into a corner, the hero corner that is so difficult to get out of once in it. Punk can be whatever he wants, sarcastic, a jerk, funny, insightful, anti-establishment, and even a believable underdog. Punk just wants the chance he hasn’t ever really been given, sure he’s been World Champion, but he has never been the champion on the flagship show. Punk wants to be seen as on the same level as Cena, and talent wise he is better in everyway so why shouldn’t he be? That Chicago crowd is going to be the best crowd we have seen in a long time. Punk’s hometown, the fact that Chicago is always an amazing crowd, add in that Chicago has always been anti-Cena, add all that up and we are in for something special. I have doubt this has instant classic written all over it. I think Cena will be ready to sell in ways we haven’t seen, and Punk is ready to go all out in a way we haven’t seen in a long time. Punk will be back in the WWE, it is a matter of when not if, but before he leaves he wants all of us to see what we’ll be missing. Punk vs. Cena has me more excited for a pay per view than I have been in a long time. MITB is a fun pay per view to begin with, but now we are adding in what has to be considered an early match of the year contender. Also don’t think for a second that Christian and Orton aren’t going to try and steal the show.

Now a quick run down of my picks for this Sunday’s awesome pay per view as I love to do, I don’t outright pick, I add in fake Vegas odds.

Raw’s MITB Match: Rey Mysterio (-200), Kofi Kingston (-300), Alex Riley (-400), Evan Bourne (-500 )Alberto Del Rio (+200), The Miz (even), R-Truth (-200) and Jack Swagger (-200)

Vegas has the odds on favorite as Del Rio with The Miz being the only other person in the match drawing better than negative numbers. There are a few on the list I think have a really good shot and a few I know for a fact will not win. I have to make a pick though so I’m putting my on The Miz. He is on a bit of a losing streak but The Miz showed us he is a true contender and that he can carry the briefcase and keep us entertained with it for quite a while.

Winner: The Miz

SmackDown’s MITB Match: Daniel Bryan (-300), Wade Barrett (-200), Heath Slater (-700), Justin Gabriel (-600), Sin Cara (-400), Kane (-200), Cody Rhodes (-200), and Sheamus (+200)

Vegas has this as a very top heavy MITB match and they are correct. There are only three real contenders, Kane, Barrett, and Sheamus. Bryan has the talent but the WWE isn’t ready to push him yet. My pick is Sheamus, he is the next logical contender after Christian loses again to Orton.

Winner: Sheamus

Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Boring, wake me when its over.

Winner: Big Show, couldn’t care less though so not putting in real thought into the pick

Kelly Kelly vs. Some other chick for the Diva’s title

Winner: Who cares

World Heavyweight Title Match: Christian (-300) vs. Randy Orton (+200)

Okay back to caring about what’s going on. Vegas has Christian as the big underdog, and why not? He hasn’t shown he can beat Orton, and the new stipulation only helps him a little. These two are prideful enough and talented enough to try to steal the show from Cena and Punk. They have great chemistry, and I’m excited for this match. Gotta go with Vegas on this one though, Orton will win the match and retain the title.

Winner: Randy Orton

WWE Title Match: John Cena vs. CM Punk (Pick’em)

Vegas believes enough in Punk to make this a pick’em instead of putting odds on it. I think Cena should be favored because I don’t trust McMahon to not get involved. Also I’m not buying Cena is getting fired so I’m surprised Vegas doesn’t have him favored +200 at least. With that said I see this going one of two ways, Cena winning, or Punk winning with someone cashing in their MITB opportunity before he walks out as champion.  Either way this is going to be one hell of a match and I couldn’t be more excited, that crowd is going to be red hot. The CM Punk chants will be almost as deafening as the Cena Sucks chants will be. Cena hasn’t seen a crowd like this since ECW’s One Night Stand with the now infamous “If Cena Wins We Riot” sign. It truly is too close to call, but I have to make a prediction so I’m going with Cena, but I’m not confident about the pick.

Winner: John Cena

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