The Wrestling Genius: More Questions That Need Answers

Started this week thinking I was going to write a column about the Mount Rushmore of wrestling. I decided against it because I just couldn’t do it justice in one column and 1500 words, just not possible. So I’ll be doing it over four columns and I want your feedback, who is on your Mount Rushmore of wrestling? Four wrestlers that changed the sport forever and transcended wrestling and entered into pop culture. Remember who is on our Mount Rushmore before you send in your wrestling Mount Rushmore. George Washington arguably the greatest America ever. Thomas Jefferson, the creator of the Declaration of Independence. Abraham Lincoln the man who saved America from being split in half and ended slavery. Teddy Roosevelt the manliest man who ever served office and created the first national park. Who are the four wrestlers that come right to your mind when someone asks you who the best of all time is? I have an idea who would be on my Mount Rushmore but I can be swayed with the right arguments. Send me your Mount Rushmore ideas either via twitter @JaredGebhardt or email

Do we really want or need another HHH vs. Undertaker battle at WrestleMania?

Obviously there were other matches out there that were as intriguing if not more intriguing than this one. However, this match makes the most since organically. Of course Undertaker wants revenge. We’ve never seen the Undertaker left in a broken heap like he was by HHH at WrestleMania 27. HHH then had the audacity to say he had ended the Deadman, not the streak but his career. It makes since for stories sake to have Undertaker come back, pissed off and looking for revenge from the man who left him looking weak and done. They aren’t technically great anymore, they are past being past their primes, but they still are HHH and The Undertaker. Two old war horses set for one last battle against each other. Go back if you can and rewatch their match from last year. What you’ll see isn’t a great match from a technical stand point. That match moves along pretty slowly and it wasn’t pretty. What it was, was fun to watch. Two guys taking big bumps and giving big bumps. Undertaker flying through the air completely defying all physics and his age; HHH was taking huge bumps, coming back and hitting Undertaker over and over again in the head with a steel chair; using Undertaker’s own tombstone piledriver only to have Undertaker defiantly kick out. I know a lot of people on the Internet hate HHH, “he buries people, and he doesn’t sell”. I don’t care about any of that, I don’t think its true especially the no selling part, but I don’t care about it. Here’s why, because against The Undertaker he put on a hell of a show.  Those two guys don’t have a lot left in the tank but you know at WrestleMania they’ll give us whatever they have left.

When will Brock Lesnar return?

This is a question I’ve gotten in some form about a hundred times since he retired from the UFC. Now I don’t claim to know Lesnar or know what he’s thinking, but everyone I’ve talked to or read that know the situation say not to expect him back anytime soon. Also if he does comeback it will not be a long term run. My gut says yes he will return, but for only one mega match ala The Rock. Lesnar is a huge name, not as big as The Rock or Austin, but he’s a huge pay day for the WWE. If he comes back who should he face? It would have to be someone with a big name and someone willing to lose and make Lesnar look good while doing it. Hmmm, I have a very real feeling it would have to be John Cena wouldn’t it? Cena is the biggest name in wrestling, sorry Punk you are better but Cena has more name recognition. Lesnar was never a great in ring product but like I said there would be a lot of money in a Cena vs. Lesnar Summerslam match.

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