The Wrestling Genius: Part Two of the Non-Champions Playoffs

Here it is the part two of my two part, non-champion playoffs. If you missed last week’s column check it out before continuing on with this one…or don’t I don’t care you don’t have to be rude about it. Without further ado the rough and tumble playoffs continue.

2nd Round Raw Bracket

1) Dolph Ziggler vs. 5) Lord Tensai

Interesting matchup of conflicting styles. Tensai had a breeze in round one while Dolph had a little trouble with Dean Ambrose. Both should still be fresh for the round 2 matchup. We know Dolph has faced guys like Tensai before and has had some success. Dolph is the more talented pure wrestler of the two, but it’s hard to look past Tensai’s size and power. That type of size just wears you down over time. Tensai is a very dangerous wrestler, but Dolph is the smarter of the two. Dolph is just too physically gifted to not find a way to take this series but the matchup is taking a lot out of him, and it leaves me worried about him the rest of the playoffs.

1) Dolph Ziggler over 5) Lord Tensai
4-3 tough decision could honestly go either way

3) R-Truth vs. 7) Brodus Clay

Once again size is a huge factor in this round two matchup. With Clay fresh off his upset of the 2 seed Kingston is flying high into this round. However, R-Truth had a breeze in round one and is the far more athletic of the two. This should be interesting from a “who can make a bigger ass of himself before and after the matches”. With that said Clay has continued to show just how ungodly physical he can be in the ring and his size is just too much for R-Truth. It looks like the hip hop dancing dinosaur is making a huge impact in the playoffs.

7)Brodus Clay over 3)R-Truth
4-2 R-Truth takes two, but probably just one if Clay shows up for every match

Round 2 SmackDown Bracket

1)Cody Rhodes vs. 4)Ezekiel Jackson

Neither of these guys had an easy first round with Rhodes going 6 matches and Jackson going 7. Rhodes has a knack for beating bigger opponents and I honestly don’t see how big Zeke finds a way to beat the faster more conniving Rhodes.  Big Zeke’s size will help him win one or two but ultimately Rhodes is just better. Talent wins out in the playoffs.

1) Rhodes over 4) Jackson
4-1 Rhodes too fast, too smart, and too talented

2) Wade Barrett vs. 3) Ryback

A matchup of two former Nexus members and our most evenly matched Round 2 matchup. Wade Barrett is the more gifted wrestler of the two and the smartest. However, Ryback unlike Big Zeke isn’t just big he’s fast. Not a lot of matchups will have Barrett this over powered and physically out gunned. Barrett has big match experience and has faced better talent than Ryback has. Can Ryback handle being punched in the mouth for the first time? Tough for young teams to win in the NBA playoffs and same goes here. Great physical matchup but Barrett has been here before, Ryback hasn’t.

2) Barrett over 3) Ryback
4-3 Very confident Barrett wins in 6 or 7

Raw championship Round

1)Dolph Ziggler vs. 7) Brodus Clay

Clay has run smoothly through the playoffs so far while Ziggler has had a few physical matchups. How much did facing Tensai 7 times take out of Ziggler? Ziggler is in the best shape of anyone in the WWE so I don’t worry about fatigue but I certainly worry about him going up against yet another huge opponent. Brodus Clay is ungodly big and physical. Clay has beaten Ziggler before but Ziggler has big match experience. Experience wins generally come playoff time. Ziggler knows what can happen and when properly motivated can do anything asked of him. Clay in the end is just too big of an exhausted Ziggler however. You can’t expect Ziggler to beat Clay and Tensai 8 times in one playoff.

7) Brodus Clay over 1) Dolph Ziggler
4-3 Very entertaining matchup and I wouldn’t be shocked if Ziggler won

SmackDown Championship Round

1)Cody Rhodes vs. 2) Wade Barrett

Unlike Raw SmackDown didn’t have a single big name go down. It went exactly as according to plan. With that said Rhodes has had the easier route to the SD championship round. How much did 7 immensely physical matches take out of Barrett? Barrett is stronger than Rhodes and Rhodes is faster. In pure wrestling talent it’s hard to give either a real edge. This is the type of match up wrestling fans love to see and neither would disappoint. Such a great evenly matched series has me flipping a coin in match 7.

2) Wade Barrett over Cody Rhodes
4-3 Another could go either way but Barrett wins out because of size and power

The Championship Round

Raw’s 7) Brodus Clay vs. SD’s 2) Wade Barrett

Back to back 7 match series has Barrett staggering into the championship round. However, Clay just went to war with Ziggler and is clearly not in as good a shape as Barrett. Barrett has had to face different styles in these playoffs and that experience will help him against Clay. Clay hasn’t seen the mix of power and smarts the caliber of Barrett. Barrett needs to dig deep to overcome a giant like Clay but I think he has the talent and the testicular fortitude to pull it off. It won’t be easy but in the end like in almost all cases with all things equal talent wins.

The Winner and Champion of our playoffs is Wade Barrett.

So there you have it a completely overdone and roundabout way of ranking non-world champions on Raw and SmackDown. Got to admit even I was stunned at how far Brodus Clay made it. Hang the Raw Championship banner next to your disco ball with pride Clay. As for Barrett, in a just world this championship would net you a real world title. I guess you’ll have to live with this fake one for a while.
Well that’s all for me this week, thanks again for reading and as always if you want to get a hold of me to call me an idiot, tell me I’m smart, or ask a question you can do so by following me on twitter @JaredGebhardt or via email . You can also check out my entertainment column at

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