The Wrestling Genius: So I guess something big happened on Raw?

So did anything big happen this week in wrestling? I don’t know I was under a rock with headphones on. What’s that The Rock came back and is going to be a huge part of the biggest show of the year you say? That was the single biggest moment on Raw in over five years, and while I saw it coming thanks to several websites. Part of me thought that Vince would screw it up for sure and use someone else, like Justin Timberlake or Jesus. No, instead, Vince gave us what we all want and that is a small return to the Attitude Era. This is why Vince is the king of the wrestling mountain, no way TNA gets a star even half as bright as The Rock to show up for Bound for Glory. You can say Hogan is bigger, and I would counter with ‘only if it was 1990’. The return of The Great One and his Attitude Era like promo gave me goosebumps. It also prompted my buddy Aaron to nearly die from head explosion as he texted me out of pure child like excitement, and me to respond with my mouth wide open and practically jumping up and down. My wife looked at me, shook her head and said, “Am I really married to an eight year old?” I had no answer for her, because part of me still is eight years old, especially when it comes to sports moments like this.

It is hard to believe it has been seven years since The Rock cut a promo like that in the WWE. I had forgotten how great he truly is at it. It has been so long I almost compared The Miz’s mic skills to The Rock’s in a few columns, but now that I saw it, again on Monday night I realize that while The Miz is very good there is no one, and I mean no one that cuts a promo like The Rock. No one could cut a promo against Cena like that and have 90% of the crowd still on their side. The only people against him from what I saw were a few kids in the crowd who are too young to see the greatness standing in the ring. Whoever took those kids better take them home, pop in The Great One’s DVD, and show them what greatness is. I’m practically giddy still and it’s been a few days now. I would say I was half-excited for Wrestlemania, mostly just going through the motions, but now I am as excited as I have ever been. I can’t think of a wrestler that could have come back to that kind of reception Monday night. Stone Cold might have come close but I just don’t see it being that big. I thought the way they did it was perfect, they built the anticipation, the lights going out, the music playing; it almost took too long, almost. It was a great moment for the WWE and they proved once again why they are the top company.

Lost in the aftermath of the big return was a good Raw in general. Not too flashy, but a very solid Raw that I would have given a B- to before The Rock pushed it to A++. One match in particular stood out to me, the Miz vs. Daniel Bryan match. In all of their previous matches Daniel Bryan was the obviously superior wrestler, but this time The Miz didn’t just hold his own, he actually looked better than Bryan. The best part about that match was we finally got a clean win from The Miz, which is so rare these days I almost did a spit take when the ref counted the 1-2-3. I have confidence that The Miz will go into Wrestlemania as the champion, and I have confidence that he will put on a great match against whoever his opponent is. The only segment on Raw I disliked beside anything involving The Great Khali because that is just a given, was Vickie and Edge. Now there was a time I actually argued for Vickie being a good heel, because of the heat she got. Now I’m just tired of her, she is again too over the top for me to enjoy. That is the problem with making her the GM and not just a manager, she becomes too annoying, she doesn’t make me want to boo she makes me want to change the channel. A fine line exists between getting the kind of heat that makes you a good heel, and getting the kind of reaction that makes people reach for their remote and she has crossed that line for me.
Now onto something that has intrigued me for a while now. 2/21/11 vignette that I thought was Sting at first, and then I thought Undertaker, now they shown us it is The Undertaker and possibly someone else outside coming up to the Taker’s cabin. Now this is very interesting and I’m excited at the possibilities. No one outside of the WWE creative team knows for sure, which is rare because usually the internet would have had this whole thing unraveled and spoiled so nicely for everyone. It is clear to me that whatever this is its going to be very good, and the possibilities are endless. My prediction, and it isn’t an educated guess just a stab in the dark is that its HHH coming to avenge his friend Shawn. The reason HHH has been gone is that he was searching out The Undertaker, looking for him, and now this vignette is showing us HHH has found him. Now I’m not the first person to make this guess, every single possibility has been posted by columnists and commenters on websites. I had this predication for a while now, just like my friend Tom has stood by the idea that it is Sting. I just don’t think Vince runs this vignette without a contract in place for Sting, and all indications are as of today Sting is still a free agent and hasn’t signed with anyone. Now I could be wrong, and there could be two plans in place, one with Sting and one without just in case he does sign before Monday. However if Sting is going to sign I think it has to happen before Monday to set up the biggest Wrestlemania match ever. Sting vs. Undertaker on the marquee would sell more tickets than Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, more tickets than The Rock vs. Hogan, bigger than any match ever billed. While that is a bold statement it is also the truth, the only match that beats that match in my mind is Sting vs. Shawn Michaels and that will never happen so we get the 1b dream match.

As for my prediction on HHH returning in an angle against Undertaker, like I said its just an interesting stab in the dark. That would certainly be another good match up, but I fear that it wouldn’t be the best possible match for either man. Both coming off months off from injury, both should be in an angle with someone without any ring rust. However, both are amazing veterans that I’m sure will rise to the occasion and put on a huge match, not Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker big but big nonetheless. I just hope that both are ready to put on a big program and neither is rushed back just for Wrestlemania. I don’t think that is the case with HHH, but part me thinks Undertaker isn’t ready to come back. I looked up his latest injury on several sports injury websites and most doctors think that type of injury and subsequent surgery is 9-12 month lay off/rehab, and Taker hasn’t been out half that time. My big fear is that while I know its nearing the end for The Deadman, I would still like a few more years out of him. I hope he isn’t coming back too soon, because there is a chance he reinjures himself and could be done forever.

Well that is all for this week thanks to everyone for emailing me and commenting. While I got several more pieces of hate mail than usual with my column last week I enjoyed every bit of it. However, I do want to clarify one thing that several of you seemed to not understand. I don’t care if a heel uses a weapon to win, ala CM Punk on John Cena, and I don’t mind the occasional run in. As a matter of fact I think those types of finishes are necessary when building a heel character. My big problem is with it happening at every single pay per view main event. Okay we got that cleared up now, or at least we should.

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