The Wrestling Genius: The Miz proved you all wrong

“I love when a plan comes together.” One of my all time favorite television and movie lines and it has so many real world applications. Now I’m not one to brag, but I believe it was a few months ago that I predicted both Morrison and The Miz would have world title shots. Well both have now had title shots and The Miz is still champion after their encounter. That match not only proved me right in saying that The Miz and Morrison are deserving of all the praise I’ve heaped on them, but it truly made them legit contenders from now until they retire. That match was the best Raw match I’ve seen in a very long time. Morrison showed everyone that he isn’t just an amazing athlete, but he can also absorb a terrific amount of punishment. The Miz showed that he can win a match without Alex Riley; now I know Riley was there but he wasn’t the reason The Miz won. I had no doubt this was going to be one amazing match up and I’m glad we got to see it for free. While it was a Pay-Per-View quality match putting it on Raw allowed more people to see it and more people are now able to see Morrison and Miz as headliners.  Not to mention they did an amazing job of showing a brutal, physical match and they did it without having to bust each other open and have blood pouring everywhere. You hear that TNA you don’t need to have blood in every single one of your matches; it’s okay to go a match or two without it. However I would like to say that both announcers for the match may have used a little bit too much hyperbole in describing the match. At one point Michael Cole said Morrison’s jump off of the WWE sign was “The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen”. Not to rip off Miz here but really Cole? Really? The most amazing thing you’ve ever seen? I know you’ve seen more amazing things you saw Jeff Hardy jump off higher objects than that, you saw Mick Foley and Edge go through a burning table, so I highly doubt that was the most amazing move you’ve ever seen. With that said I’m becoming a big fan of Josh Mathews’ announcing; while I think he has a lot of growing to do I see some real potential there. Michael Cole and Josh Mathews’ make a great team on Smackdown; now if only we could get rid of Matt Striker.

The rest of Raw up until the final cage match was forgettable. No seriously I’ve forgotten it; I either have amnesia or my brain deleted in hopes of helping it survive another week. The Orton, Sheamus, Barrett match was pretty good; even if we all saw the ending coming from a million miles away. “What CM Punk isn’t going to help Barrett remain the leader of Nexus? That’s impossible what a twist.” Thanks again creative team for giving the big middle finger to our intelligence. I’m usually pretty iffy on cage matches because they are inherently very brutal and all the great cage matches in history have a little blood in them. Snuka flying off the top of the cage in MSG with the crimson mask is an iconic image. Now I know I just got through saying how much I enjoyed the brutal Miz/Morrison match because they didn’t use blood to convey the brutality, but I feel a really good cage match needs a little blood. It seems unbelievable to me that three men could step inside of a mesh cage and not a one of them is bloody. I ride a fine line when it comes to blood and when or where I like to see it. TNA uses it so much I just grow apathetic to it and it just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. The WWE has gone the other direction and doesn’t allow any blood what so ever; when I feel certain matches and feuds need to end with a little bloodletting. Cage matches, street fights, last man standings, and Hell in a Cell require blood.

I was really rooting for Sheamus in this one though because it would have been nice to see something new and I don’t think we’ve ever seen Miz vs. Sheamus. Two great contrasting styles, one a power house with big moves, the other is a quick paced shoot style wrestler. I’m not upset Orton won because I like Randy as a performer; I just wanted something new. The WWE has it in its head that we need either Orton or Cena in a title match on Raw or the main event will fail. I honestly can’t remember the last pay-per-view main event without one of those two in it. I for one would put money down to see Miz vs. Sheamus especially at the Royal Rumble because I’m already going to buy it just for the Rumble. There are certain pay-per-views I’m going to get just because of their name: Summerslam, Royal Rumble, Bound for Glory, Lockdown, and of course Wrestlemania. The WWE should really use the Royal Rumble to showcase main events that we normally wouldn’t see, because you don’t need the main event title match to get buys for the Rumble.

I got a few emails asking me why I spend all my time talking about TNA and Raw but I never delve too deep into Smackdown. I honestly can’t tell you why that is; I mean I watch all three shows closely and it’s not like I enjoy TNA more than Smackdown. I’m a big fan of Smackdown’s young talent; guys like Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger are all future main eventers; especially Alberto. Alberto is going to be the world heavyweight champion in the next 18 months and that I can guarantee. He has every single tool you could want in a super star heel; charisma, great mannerisms, amazing in ring talent, and a great gimmick. Unlike a lot of other young talent the guy has been wrestling for a long time, but no one in America noticed because he was doing it as a masked luchador in Mexico. I would love to see an Edge vs. Alberto feud in the near future. Edge is great at putting guys over and the two could come up with some great on the mic battles to go along with their great matches. I think the 2/3 falls program on Smackdown this Friday will finally put an end to Mysterio/Alberto feud; something I was hoping for a long time ago. As I’ve written before I’m not a Mysterio fan, and I think it’s time he hangs it up because he isn’t even close to what he once was. I get that the kids love him and he gets a big pop but as a wrestling fan I’m sick of watching his matches.

One last thing I want to touch on is I got quite a few emails about my shot at Jeff Hardy’s drug problems. Look I wasn’t saying people who have done drugs don’t deserve a second chance. My problem was with the fact that they are having him be their world champion while he’s on trial for not just doing drugs but for drug trafficking. While I believe you are innocent until proven guilty but I also think that it sets a bad example. Do you really think the WWE would have Jeff Hardy as champion if he had the kind of legal trouble he is having now while with TNA? Of course they wouldn’t this is the company that suspends its tops stars for steroid use, and if you don’t believe me just ask Randy Orton who had to take a month off last year because of it. TNA doesn’t care what Jeff Hardy does, or what he acts like when he’s in the ring so long as he’s selling tickets and shirts; which to me is just wrong. The idea that the massive real life concussion Anderson had is because Jeff Hardy as reported to have been high at the time of taping is alarming. Now I don’t know if it’s true or not but from what I’ve read on several sites is that several people close to TNA management and a few that are close to Jeff have said he was intoxicated at the time. So now TNA isn’t just setting a bad example by having him as champion, but they are putting other in danger by even allowing him in the ring. Okay let me get off of my high horse and soap box now.

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Jared Gebhardt